We Remember: Tammy Joe Bullock

Tammy Joe Bullock

I didn’t know Tammy. But I knew her. She was an active member of our La Vergne community, advocating for more programs for children and young adults. As an advocate, she partnered with her daughter who was the founder of United Divas of America. A theme of the pageant organization was, “Are you ready to change lives and gain skills for life?” and “A crown doesn’t define you, but you must always wear it well.”

Ms. Tammy was only 56 years old when she lost her battle with Covid. Her daughter died a week and a half later, also from Covid. Her aunt passed away from Covid, as well. Her friends expressed they feared the vaccination largely due to misinformation, one of her friends had an adverse reaction which added to her hesitancy. Some of her last words were to be careful, wear a mask, and get vaccinated. She was sending that message to help others even as she was losing her own battle.

One friend said Tammy was the spitting image of rock star Tina Turner. “May we make you proud in the future. Thank you for all you did, your time coaching, and mentoring the United Divas of America girls. This is a terrible loss for so many.”

Her son said, “I know some people aren’t taking COVID-19 seriously but I am deeply saddened to inform my family and loved ones that my mother and my sister have both passed away from it.”

Here’s her obituary.

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