We Remember: Melinda Taylor

She loved children, but the pandemic prevented her from meeting her newborn great-granddaughter. Melinda was nicknamed Boo-Boo and Kidd. She embraced life, always striving to be happy. Melinda passed away on September 18, 2021 at the age of 58.

Here is her obituary.

Her daughter said, “These are 2 of my mom’s favorite sayings: put you on the roof and it’s coffee time. She would tell us if we didn’t behave she was going to put us on the roof. Everytime she wanted coffee she would say ” it’s coffee time.” She loved coffee. Brooklynn says her favorite memory is when the played spa. Mom was my grocery shopping buddy. It’s not the same grocery shopping. We love you mom. We miss you so much.”

Another said, “She was my kids Godmother and we all love her dearly. One thing that will always stick with us is she always asked if the kids were standing on their heads. Melinda has the biggest heart of anyone I know.”

Although you lived in Smyrna, you had such close ties to LaVergne that we want to honor you on behalf of all those who love and miss you. Rest in peace, Melinda.

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