Filling the vacancy

Tuesday, August 4, 2020 will be an important day in the city of La Vergne.  That day, our city board will choose who will fill the recently vacated alderman seat.  Resumes with interest letters were submitted from La Vergne residents who wish to fill this position. The board will discuss the vacancy at the workshop on July 30th and vote on August 4th and that person will be sworn in and serve until the November election.   

We have linked the 11 introduction letters **HERE**.  (The resumes are not being published on this page for privacy considerations, contact the city for how to obtain a copy.)  Please take a moment to read the letters.  There are a couple of good options in the group. The board would be wise to appoint someone who is active in the city, who would make decisions that will benefit the city and its residents.  I would like to see someone who walks their talk.  Contact the current board members to share your thoughts.  Go to the board meeting on the 4th, sign up to speak and let your thoughts be heard.  

I implore Mayor Cole, Vice-Mayor Brown and Aldermans Noe and Jones to make an informed decision on who will best serve our city until the November elections. This is not a popularity contest.  Nor is it a chance to fill back alley promises ever made.  

On a related note, take time to learn about the candidates running in the November election.  Support the candidates who share your values and views for the city.  Donate to their campaign if you are able.  Agree to put a sign in your yard, promote them on your social media or work the poll locations for them.  And, go vote!!!  Your voice is important, your vote is important.  Make it count!

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