Parade Time for Lake Forest Estates!

Dear LaVergne Lake Elementary teachers. We love you. We love you with all our hearts. We mean it.

These amazing educators have organized a wonderful event tentatively scheduled on Monday, March 23 around 11:15 a.m. If you live in Lake Forest Estates subdivision, come on out and get some fresh air – at a safe distance, of course! At that time, these angels in our midst have organized a teacher parade because they miss their students (and we’re pretty sure the students miss them, too!). Have your children make HOWDY signs, wave pompoms, blow on party noisemakers, clap your hands! LET’S HAVE A PARADE!

We’ve seen some really heartwarming and compassionate actions all around us during this world-wide pandemic. From the amazing people who keep stores stocked while dealing with customers who behave like turds to utility workers who are essential and must work. The first responders, nurses, doctors, techs, aides, construction workers, day care providers… ALL OF THEM. Give them our prayers, our thanks, and GIVE. THEM. A. RAISE.

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