We Are LaVergne: Laura Davidson

Laura Davidson
Chief, Box 100 La Vergne

Hilarious. Whip smart. Anyone who knows Laura Davidson knows she is one of the funniest and smartest people to be around and we’ve all wondered why she doesn’t perform stand-up comedy.  But there’s also a very serious side to this 20-year resident. Laura is currently serving on the Greenway Committee and the Local Emergency Planning Committee, and is a former member of the Parks & Recreation Committee. Additionally she is a long-time member of Box 100 Rehabilitation Group and has served as Chief for the past seven years.

As chief of the organization, she sometimes struggles with the public misunderstanding of the role of Box 100 especially when they are compared to other organizations. Her viewpoint regarding other groups is broad, “I fully support every nonprofit organization in our community because it takes a lot to want to give yourself no matter what you’re doing. Volunteers want to better this community and I support anyone who wants to be a part of that in any organization.”

According to its online presence, the mission of Box 100 is “Responding to and assisting our fire, police, and emergency personnel in a timely manner. We assist the city’s emergency departments with such duties such as crowd and traffic control. We also provide rehab to personnel on lengthy and/or exhausting emergency calls, as well as securing areas as required, and any other tasks requested. Our volunteers are on call 24 hours/day, 7 days/week and are continually training in storm readiness, CPR and emergency response preparedness in order to aid our community in the event of an emergency.”

A Christmas memory is Laura’s favorite as a city volunteer. A child who moved from another country to La Vergne asked for a Christmas tree to experience Christmas in America.  Laura was able to ride along with the police as they delivered the Christmas tree, resplendent with beautiful decorations, to the family. She said everyone in the family and everyone who helped make that Christmas wish come true wept. The family also received food and gifts donated from the “Christmas for Children and Seniors” program hosted by emergency responders. Laura said the joy she experienced in that moment has kept her coming back and she appreciates seeing how the community comes together every year to help. “This program shows the true meaning of a small town coming together to help neighbors. I go into homes where the grandparents are raising the grandchildren. Without the volunteers and the responders putting this together, there would be no Christmas for these children.”

You’ll find Box 100 (and Laura) at most city events as they work to help city workers operate activites smoothly and professionally.

Laura moved to La Vergne in 1999 because she and her now former husband wanted to raise their children in a town smaller town than Nashville.  “When I first walked into my house, it felt like home. I wanted a fenced yard and a big, open feel. That’s what I found in La Vergne.” Laura has three adult children and three precious grandchildren.  The grandbabies call her “Yoya” which is appropriate since it means someone who is a quick thinker, both philosophically and creatively. 

In La Vergne, Laura also found a home base for her full-time business. Having worked since she was 10-years old with her mother and sister, Laura started her own cleaning business for both residential and commercial clients about 30 years ago.  Even while running her own company and a nonprofit organization, she still intends to someday go back to school to study psychology.   

If money was no object, Laura would be living it up on a beach in St. Croix. If money was no object and she stayed in La Vergne, however, Laura said she would spend all her time at the Senior Center, “They are the sweetest people and they have a lot of fun down there. They play bingo and wii and I’d go every single day and hang out there. If I won the lottery I’d also build a community center for seniors AND the youth. I want something for both. That’s absolutely what I’d do.”

This prominent community volunteer is achieving what we all want, “Life is pretty good. I have great friends. I’m helping in the community. I run a successful business. And I call LaVergne home.”

Thank you Laura Davidson for everything you do for La Vergne.

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