“Why Should I Vote for You?”

Well here we are again staring down at the latest local elections La Vergne. We currently have two aldermen seats and the mayor’s seat to fill. Two incumbents are running to hold on to their seats and they have challengers. I reached out to every candidate and asked one single question, “Why Should I Vote for You?”  I asked the candidates to limit their answers to one or two sentences. I heard back from all but one. Here’s what they said (listed in alphabetical order):


Jason Cole
“For the last four years we’ve seen our city stall and at times backtrack in economic development, on our reputation, on transparency, on accountability and much more.  If you want someone who wants to work together with you, will listen to your concerns, answer your questions and wants unify this city to move forward, in a positive direction, then I ask that you partner together with our campaign to elect Jason Cole as your next Mayor of the city of La Vergne, TN.”

Dennis Waldron
“My record shows that I have done a good job for the City. I have also shown that I have the ability to create and maintain financial and economic stability.”


Jim Anderson
(No reply. I’ve asked via email, FB message, and phone. If I hear back from Mr. Anderson I’ll update here.)

Melisa Brown
“As a long term resident at the end of my first term as Alderman, I am pleased to say that I, along with other members of the board, have been able to achieve lower property tax rates, lower water and sewer rates, and at the same time hire more police and firemen every year.”

Matt Church
“Thank you for the question! Sometimes you want people with a different attitude an opinion from the normal standard. This election is about more than removing the current administration. It’s about bring back transparency, leadership, and opportunity for every LaVergne Citizen to be heard. We may not always agree. However the goal is bigger than any one person.”

Aaron Holaday
“I have proven experience and results for La Vergne and a track record of professionalism.”

Joey King
“I’m a former Army officer who is Ranger-qualified and served with a paratrooper unit. I’ve been an activist for years who finally decided to get involved in electoral politics.”

Steve Noe
“It’s pretty simple. I’m not a politician and believe in common sense over political views.”

This is La Vergne will not be endorsing any single candidate this year. Instead we encourage you to reach out to the candidates and talk to them individually. Don’t listen to the theatrics and accusations because – as I learned when I ran two years ago – people on social media did not accurately represent me, my professionalism, or my qualifications and abilities. Instead ask the candidates in person, by text, by phone, by messenger… what do they want to see done. Go past the “get the bums outta office” drama. Learn who they are and if they have genuine ideas. Ask yourself if they will truly have a positive impact on our city, will they govern without favoritism and drama. Will they have a steady hand on the tiller, will they have self-control but also be passionate? It’s up to you to decide. Don’t be apathetic, let your voice be heard.

If you need a ride to the polls, please message us. If you need to register to vote, please do so. You can visit the Rutherford County Election Commission here to learn how. Voter registration is also available at the library and at the front counter of City Hall.

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