Let’s Talk Dirty

There is talk about water/sewer rates going up again in LaVergne.

It was common knowledge that rates would go up thanks to regulations of the Water and Wastewater Oversight Board in the State Office of the Comptroller.  We knew about the rate increases despite the promises to lower the rates by board members when they campaigned for office. THEY knew that they couldn’t lower the rates, but the mayor, Melisa Brown and the appointed alderman Calvin Jones hitched their wagon to that horse and ran with it.

Now a new city complex is being discussed (costing about $40 million) in the city’s distant future that would include a new city hall and some other improvements. However, since water and sewer rates are a craw in everyone’s throat, wouldn’t it make more sense to explore getting our own wastewater treatment plant?

green sewerWe’ve heard it can’t be done, but I disagree. There IS a chance that we could get our own sewer treatment plant and be free of the chains of Metro’s whims. (Since we don’t have a wastewater plant, we pipe it out to Nashville and are at their mercy for what we pay to haul our shstuff.)

How? There are “green” treatment plants available that wouldn’t pour wastewater (human poop and other gross stuff) into rivers or lakes. The waste is filtered and cleaned with the worst of it going into a field. A city in Alabama just set their plant up like this and they grow hay and other items from the fertilized soil. The hay is sold then to help offset costs.

And look at this article in the Tennessean.

Not only would be new facility be cheaper to build than retrofitting the existing one, but it would also help the city be better prepared to handle future growth, according to Vice Mayor Brian Smalling.

“We can’t compete with other places for businesses or industry because we just don’t have the infrastructure,” he said. “This is a way to rectify a lot of that and move forward beyond just taking care of the current situation.”

Other communities are building new wastewater treatment plants. This would attract more businesses to our city, which we desperately need if we’re ever going to have better things. More businesses mean more sales taxes. More sales tax collections mean more public safety, more parks staff, more parks and better quality of life.

If Westmoreland, Tenn. and little Alabama city can do it, so can La Vergne.

What do you think, La Vergne?  Would it be worth it to you to build our own sewer treatment plant?


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