It’s Budget Time. Time to Pay Attention.

The city started its budget meetings last week, which are open to the public. But you’ll need to contact City Hall to find out the dates of the meetings because they aren’t on the city calendar and no dates have been announced on Facebook. They aren’t showing up on the city sign since the sign burned up during a storm (when will they fix it? Insurance should pay for it!).  But we do know that they held a meeting last week, April 7th. Jason Cole for LaVergne was in attendance and live-posted it on Facebook. I know some of his info had a few errors, but in general it was good information.

Here’s a recap, though not confirmed by city officials. The mayor is again pushing for another 2.5 cents tax cut. Jason’s preliminary report said,

Total revenue $18,446,922 for the FY 16-17. Current expenses will be $17,434,959 with a surplus of $1,011,963. The expenses does not include any capital projects.

We are seeing in the initial proposals that cultural programs (which are the 501(c)3 non-profit programs) are proposed to be cut tens of thousands of dollars. This would be Meals on Wheels cut in half, $0 to Crimestoppers, etc. (So if no money goes to crimestoppers and people don’t speak out, don’t complain about crime in your neighborhood!).

There are also proposals for a new assistant city administrator (and new car for them), a public relations position (my old job, although I also did other jobs like economic development and assistant city recorder), and another big increase for Human Resources when they already increased the previous year by adding a position.

The $1 million left does NOT include capital expenses (this would be extra money to complete the greenway, for paved roads — basically the cost of doing business and keeping the city moving forward).

So that’s where they are so far. If you want a voice, start making phone calls.

Mayor Dennis Waldron (615) 397-7027 or
Vice Mayor Sherry Green (615) 793-6982 or (but she doesn’t do email)
Alderman Tom Broeker (615) 207-8030 or
Alderman Melisa Brown (615) 653-0787 or
Appointed Alderman Calvin Jones (615) 653-8075 or

We will warn you… word is out that at least two of the people above are not responding to emails or phone calls.

Let us know what your thoughts on the budget and what you want to see done.

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