Thanksgiving Thanks to Fire Fighters

In a true act of kindness, neighbors of the Lake Forest subdivision got together to show their appreciation to firefighters at Station 3 on Bill Stewart Blvd. on Thanksgiving Day. Our “people of the week” (yes I just made that up but it’s still fitting!) go to Kayla, Amanda and Julie for the idea, cooking, and follow-through of preparing a lovely Thanksgiving meal to some of our heroes who spent the day away from their families to protect all of us.

Thanksgiving LFE to Station 3

The firefighters gave the kids a tour of the trucks and turned on the lights for them. We hear the young children were tickled! The firefighters were probably equally happy to get a specially decorated dessert!

Thanksgiving LFE 2

What beautiful, kind people we have in La Vergne!


Thanksgiving LFE 3I just wanted to share!

My family was very blessed this Thanksgiving so much that we had extra to give back. I wanted to show my kids, Serenity (age 2) and Elijah (age 3) what the true meaning of thanksgiving was.

My family cooked up a wonderful dinner for the LaVergne fire department (station 3). My kids was ecstatic about helping. My son stuffed the turkey and my daughter made a beautiful pumpkin pie, along with a marshmallow smiley face, for the firemen.

Along with the help of a few neighbors the fire house was able to enjoy a thanksgiving dinner with smiling faces.

*A special thanks to Julie Jones for suggesting the idea to donate our extra blessing to the fire department. Her son is ill and was unable to prepare a meal to give to them. *A special thanks to Amanda Harden for donating some side dishes as well!

Lake Forest Subdivision came together to make sure our heros had a happy thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Kayla Marschke

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