Alderman Jones Has History of Solicitation of Prostitution

First it was theft from an employer. Then it was shoplifting while carrying a loaded .38 semi-automatic weapon. And now this.

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On October 29, 2001, the appointed alderman Calvin Jones was again arrested. This time for solicitation of prostitution. He plead guilty after being caught (literally) with his pants down. He was sentenced to 90 days in jail (suspended sentence) and given another six months of probation. He was arrested THE VERY DAY his previous probation was set to end.

The police report said,

“The subject was observed getting oral sex from a female subject. The vehicle was parked on the wrong side of the street and the arresting officer noticed a subjects head moving up and down. The arresting officer looked in the vehicle and watched the female subject giving the subject named above oral sex. The subject stated he generally pays the female $10.00 for oral sex. The subject was negative for warrants as of 10-29-01 @ 0443 hours…”

Calvin Jones stated he generally pays the female $10.00 for oral sex. This means it was not his first time. How many other crimes has he committed but never been caught?

Some people who have left comments on the other stories we printed (here and here) have asked why these police reports are relevant today. “This was 15 years ago and he paid the penalty. Doesn’t he deserve a chance to start over?”  Absolutely he DOES deserve a chance to start over. However, the problem is that he ran his campaign on accountability and implied that his own character, integrity, and morality are above reproach. If he was the man he claimed to be, he would have declined the seat offered to him by two people and agreed with the voters that the third-highest vote getter should have held the seat he accepted. He was appointed to that seat against the will of the people who voted.

Calvin Jones has a say in how your tax dollars are being spent. Yet he has stolen from his employer, he has stolen from a business, and he has engaged in solicitation of prostitution. He votes on things that affect you and me, our children, our city, our future. This while he has a proven track record of making bad decisions.

If Calvin Jones is the man he claims to be – one of accountability and professionalism – he needs to do the right thing right now and give up his seat as the appointed alderman.

The entire arrest record that was emailed to us in a PDF file (easier to read) is below.

Calvin Jones Arrest History

Calvin 8 - Solicitation October 29 2001

Calvin 9 - Solicitation October 29 2001

Calvin 10 - Solicitation October 29 2001

Calvin 11 - Solicitation October 29 2001

This entire debacle raises several questions, questions that should be addressed by our elected officials (but we expect they won’t because THEY DON’T CARE). Does the appointed alderman make decisions regarding our police department given his criminal past?  Should our city ordinances or charter call for background checks for people who have a say in the collection and spending of millions of taxpayer dollars?  While we’re asking that question, we understand city employees are subject to drug screening and background checks (depending on the type of position they hold), so why can’t we get elected officials to be held to the same standards? We would like to see ALL of our board of mayor and aldermen members drug tested and background checks done. Not just one alderman – ALL OF THEM, including the mayor!

UPDATED to add that after consideration, the editorial team removed a photo that could be construed as inappropriate by some readers.

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