Another Crime, Another Guilty Plea

It appears the appointed alderman, Calvin Jones, did not learn his lesson with his first experience of being charged with a crime. As we discovered earlier this week, his first go-round (that we’re aware of) on the wrong side of the law resulted in a felony indictment by a Davidson County grand jury. He had stolen from J.C. Penney and plead guilty. He was made to pay restitution and sentenced to 11 months, 29 days of probation.  If our calculations are correct, his probation would end October 29, 2001.

However on October 25, 2001, Calvin Jones was arrested again. This time the charge was for theft under $500, a misdemeanor. A security guard at the Kroger on Monroe Street in Nashville caught him shoplifting; he placed 12 packs of Certs breath mints in his clothes. If that wasn’t bad enough, he did it while armed with a loaded .38 caliber semi-automatic handgun according to the police report.

Calvin Jones came in second to last in the 2014 election and was appointed by Dennis Waldron and Melisa Brown (passing over two other candidates who garnered more votes than him). This alderman was showered with praise on August 3 by a certain website, saying,

“I applaud Alderman Jones for standing up for what is right for LaVergne and asking for accountability.”

This alderman plead guilty to theft TWICE. This time his sticky fingers resulted in a 15 day jail sentence, which was suspended according to court documents. If we are reading the legal report correctly, he was also told to stay away from the Kroger store.

We ask again, is this someone YOU trust to hold office in La Vergne? Here are the FACTS in black and white.

Original citation:

Calvin 4 - Shoplifting while Armed October 25 2001

A closer look:

Calvin 4a - Shoplifting while Armed October 25 2001

The court documents:

Calvin 5 - Shoplifting while Armed October 25 2001

Calvin 6 - Shoplifting while Armed October 25 2001

Calvin 7 - Shoplifting while Armed October 25 2001

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