How’s Employee Morale Now, Mayor?

Here we go again. Back in late April, Mayor Dennis Waldron was recorded trash-talking city employees, volunteers, and other elected officials. This was about the time he was telling anyone who would listen to him (and those subjected to listening by no choice of their own) about how great employee morale was and it had never been better!

We’re fairly certain he was probably not being completely honest about employee morale. And we’re fairly certain that it has not improved, contrary to what he thinks. We have not said this before, but we fear the time has come to suggest this – perhaps our mayor is 24 watts short of a 25-watt bulb. No disrespect intended for the office of mayor, but how can you be called out in public and in a television news story for talking trash about employees around town and less than four months later, DO IT AGAIN?

We have all sorts of questions to ask from the latest incident, which was reported by the good Concerned Citizens of LaVergne. Here’s what they posted on their Facebook page after receiving an email from someone who doesn’t even live here:

It’s a very sad day for La Vernge when once again the city Mayor is caught with a local business owner and a leader of a local hate site trashing city employees and city residents. Why does the Mayor and his companions continue act in this manner? Wasn’t another member of the same hate site just praising the board for not behaving like this? How does this do anything but hurt our city?

Emailed in with photo from a very concerned citizen:

On August 6th I was eating out with my family at the Cracker Barrel in Smyrna. At the table directly across from us sat several people whose conversation caught our attention. It soon came to light that one of the gentleman at the table was in fact Dennis Waldron, the City of La Vergne’s Mayor. Throughout their conversation we also learned/heard some pretty disturbing topics of conversation. Dennis Waldron made several comments concerning an investigation going on within La Vergne’s Parks & Recs Department. He mentioned two employees specifically(a Casey or maybe “AC” and another named Bobby) he made the comment that money was missing and both employees were involved. He went on to say that Bobby was already gone and also that he was going to write up the person named Casey (maybe “AC”) since 40k had gone missing. He went on to say that he was going to have a Cynthia Edwards apply for the P&R job.
We just blown away by discussion of such private matters in public…especially loud and clear enough for those around to hear.
Other topics discussed by the table throughout our meal were that of a Jason Cole and how he(Dennis)couldn’t stand the sight of him and that just looking at him put him in a bad mood. He also said that Jason Cole and Senna Moseley had recently applied for a spot on one of the City’s boards and how he’d put Jack the Ripper on it before he’d put either of them on.
I was appalled by the gross negligence of this very public conversation by this City Official. Especially considering that he’s the MAYOR. Any respectable person knows that HR issues as well as bashing of citizens and/or other political rivals is not acceptable conversation outside of private quarters….most certainly not in places where other related or non related persons can hear it all. I am just completely disgusted by this representation of what is suppose to be a leader for your City and ALL of its citizens. Not to mention the public airing of such private city matters and their employees.”

The article was accompanied by the photo below.

CB 1

Who are these people in the photo? Starting from Mayor Waldron (the bald man in the gray shirt) and going left, you have Joe Boner (in the overalls) and Sarah Boner (she and her husband operate a local trash company), Yvonne Abdon (founder and administrator of the other Concerned Citizens facebook page that previously sought to disband the city charter), a young lady whose face we pixelated because of concerns about her age, and the mayor’s supposed girlfriend (wiping her mouth).

Before we talk about the company at the table (and we should stress that we have NO ISSUE whatsoever with friends eating together), let’s go back to what was said by the mayor.

He was talking loudly and in public about employees and a potential theft. This violates every moral, ethical and legal situation that could exist when it comes to employees and government management. It could also interfere with any potential police investigation (this is why police always say, “It’s under investigation.”). We would strongly recommend the employees he named to seek legal counsel for defamation of character. When your words can cause serious harm to someone’s career and future earnings, you should be the one to pay for it.

Mayor Waldron also talked about Jason Cole, a dedicated city volunteer who he had kicked off of the Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee in June because – apparently – every time the mayor sees him, he gets angry. Former mayor Senna Mosley also has applied for several committees. She is highly qualified for any committee the city has. Most recently she applied for a vacant seat on the Planning Commission – a seat vacated by a woman. There are no other women on this commission, just as there are no women on the Board of Zoning Appeals which she also applied for. With her application, she submitted the following letter with a brief explanation of her background and how the city’s Municipal Code says that membership should be diverse with the broadest representation of people. She also pointed out that the other applicant, though highly respected, was already serving on the Board of Zoning Appeals and by taking a seat on the Planning Commission, it could be a potential conflict of interest.

Senna Letter

This did not matter to Mayor Waldron who exclusively makes Planning Commission appointments. He disregarded Municipal Code because he would “rather put Jack the Ripper on a board” than Mayor Mosley or Mr. Cole. Ironically at the same meeting, Mr. Cole was appointed to a new committee. We believe this was solely because there were no other applicants and that committee seat has been vacant for months.

We believe that the Mayor’s hand was forced in not blackballing Mr. Cole on the committee. This is evidenced by a post written by Sarah Boner (remember the dinner table?) urging people to apply for committees because we’re certain that they don’t want another situation like that of Mr. Cole gaining a seat to ever occur again.

Sarah B Committee Apps

The irony here is her end quote by MLK Jr., “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” We will not be silenced.

And the “other” Concerned Citizens page elevated her post to a prominent position and happily talked about a vacancy on BOZA (there is no vacancy showing on the city webpage nor has it been advertised by the city).

Yvonne Committee Apps

This brings us back to questions. Who is really running the Board of Mayor and Aldermen? Is it the Mayor? We don’t believe he really is given his inability to learn from his mistakes and his propensity to talk about Adli’s water at every opportunity ad nauseum. Is it these people at the table who are running the city, though they are actually not serving in any capacity whatsoever other than to denigrate the city when things aren’t going their way and demand that people be nice when their own favored one makes a fool of himself (over and over again). This is the group that seems to think that government censorship is okay because people voicing their concerns about current leadership “make the city look bad.”

We have some news for everyone who voted for Dennis Waldron for mayor. He is doing a great job all on his own making the city look bad, victimizing employees, and conducting himself in a highly questionable manner at every turn. He does not make good decisions for the city, for taxpayers, or for employees. Because HE DOES NOT CARE. And if his behavior wasn’t so questionable, perhaps there would not be so much bad press about the city.

We are formally calling for his resignation as mayor before he costs the city hundreds of thousands of dollars – perhaps millions – in lawsuit damages because he does not possess the good judgment to know what’s right from wrong. And if you are reading this, Mr. Mayor, you are a disgrace to our city and should be ashamed of your words and your actions. Please do not bring any more embarrassment upon this city, do the right thing, and step down.



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