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ChooseToBeNiceThe editorial team here at This is LaVergne had written a couple of more posts regarding the mayor’s recordings “Caught on Tape” – particularly his comments about how he could have gotten the fire department for free (why didn’t he? he was on the board at that time) and his accusations against the former mayor using $250,000 of tax payer dollars on her campaign (wow we’d like to see his evidence of this outlandish accusation).

But having watched the Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting last night and hearing the words of the fire chief and then others asking people to please come together and be nice, we are not going to publish that. Watch the meeting below to hear the full discussion. It was incredible and well-worth your time.

That said, we want to just add a couple of things.

  1. When you post that we should all be kind to others and represent the community in a positive manner and your readers comment that people should “Grow up and act like adults” … well… that is divisive. So when we post this – and we are talking to our readers – we do not want to read any comments that can be misconstrued as yet another jab against another group of people.
  2. As taxpayers, we will continue to watch the actions of this Board. It is our right as citizens and it is our civic responsibility. If we believe the board makes decisions based on the needs of a few or a campaign promise, we will call them out on it. In other words, we will back off if all of our elected officials do their jobs and stop pandering to their friends and campaign contributors. For example, if someone has served the city as a volunteer and is in good standing, then don’t kick them off a board because you have a personal grudge. If a group is offering a service to the community and saving the city hundreds of thousands of dollars, don’t cut them off because you have a personal grudge. Be the bigger person. Take the high road. Show us that you care.
  3. For goodness sake, please stop name-calling (again to our readers). If you feel the urge to call someone an idiot, please …just don’t. How about “I am concerned about XX’s leadership skills” instead. Just be respectful, that’s all.
  4. If we discover that the mayor or other elected officials continue to go throughout the community talking about volunteers, employees, or others as has been done in the past – all bets are off. Take the high road and we will, too. We ARE a community and it is true that OUR WORDS and THEIR WORDS can hurt our city by driving away potential retailers.

So let’s get it together, okay? Try.

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