Being A Community Shouldn’t Be So Hard

I have to qualify this article by saying the people that I will be discussing here today would never, ever, ever, ever utter anything even remotely like what I am about to. Not in public, not in private, not anywhere or anytime.

With that said: Most people don’t realize this but there seems to have been a very unorganized campaign to slander some of LaVergne’s hardest working citizens and volunteers. I have heard names like Laura Davidson, Melissa Cooper, Linda Tomlin, Senna Mosely, Tony Vanetta and on and on and on dragged through the mud. Tirelessly and endlessly. They’ve been accused of everything from misappropriating city funds to nepotism to just flat out being a “little bitch” (yes, our Mayor said those exact words when referring to our Box 100 Chief Laura Davidson).

The mayor and his lackeys have time and time again, engaged in name calling, false accusations and attempts to defame character. I’ve been largely uninvolved up to this point so all I can offer at this time is my viewpoint. That ends today. Today I say to you, these people are some of the very best people I have ever had the pleasure to know. They are volunteers, city leader and examples, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, and most importantly, my friends. These people are NOT the awful things they have been called and accused of by a particular social media group who seems determined to spread misery and hatred. The fact that every single one of their accusations are false is of little consequence to them. And that’s BS. Pardon my language but that’s a big, steaming pile of, well, you know.

In only ONE example, last night our community suffered a tremendous loss. A church that is very active in the community burnt down. The building is a total loss and officials are currently investigating the cause of the fire.

When I learned of this fire, it was on the 10 o’clock news. I realized immediately that most of our first responders were likely on scene and would be on scene through the night. Those first responders included not only the fire and police departments of LaVergne, but also fire personnel from Smyrna AND Box 100 of LaVergne. And please be aware that most of the members of Box 100 had literally JUST attended a Board of Mayor and Alderman budget meeting where they learned their funding would be cut from $25,000 to $15,000 for the FISCAL 2015-16 year. In fact, in the photo below, they are all wearing the very same clothes they wore to that meeting because they didn’t even have time to change. But not once did I hear any of those people complain about having to be up all night then go to their jobs this morning. Not once did I hear any of them engage in name calling, accusations or the pettiness that others (clears throat) seem to have turned into a favorite pastime as of late. And yet, they were there. They were there supporting our first responders. They were there feeding emergency personnel. They were there closing off roadways that posed a threat to the public by being open while this fire was raging. They were there.

My question to the naysayers and lackeys is where were you? And better still, when was the last time you helped your community? For goodness sakes we live in the VOLUNTEER STATE. I often wonder if these same people devoted as much time to helping their community as they do slandering it’s residents, how many more volunteer hours would LaVergne have in our budget that would otherwise have to be paid out in the form of contracts and bids.

Either you have the stomach for the hard work of nurturing and growing a city, or you don’t. If you want to see what community looks like, here’s a photo of it for you….

Photo courtesy of Tony Vanetta.

Photo courtesy of Tony Vanetta.

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