Caught On Tape Analysis: The Senior Center

Senior Center“Senna told all the senior citizens down there that if I got elected I was gonna do away with the senior center. The senior center is thriving best its ever been.” – Dennis Waldron

This comment ties in to another comment made later about 185% turnover. The former senior center coordinator was discharged for a variety of reasons that may have included failure to apply for grant funding, insubordination, and overseeing a filthy senior center. After her departure, all the other employees of the center walked out. Then the cleaning crews came in and discovered some pretty nasty stuff. Extensive mold and molded food in the refrigerator. Bathrooms that went uncleaned. Cords and other items that posed trip hazards for the senior community (some of whom are already very frail and a fall could be devastating). Four new people were hired (one has left to go to a full-time job). The others remaining are deeply loved by the senior center members. That is why the center is thriving.

The mayor believes the senior center should do its own fundraising. We do too to the extent they are able! And they do. The senior center is having a yard sale on May 30th and renting tables for people in the community. If you would like to rent a table, you can contact the center at 615-793-3048. Tables are cheap! Great location for a lot of people stopping by!  By the way, can you just imagine the elderly standing on street corners with buckets trying to collect donations? Other than that, they do sell items at Old Timers Day (including some amazing banana pudding!), they have Christmas craft sales, they offer lunches-to-go once every month or two. They are an extraordinary community of people we should all take time to get to know.

But back to the senior center going away. The center would likely have been closed if this board cut taxes back to 50 cents rather than to 97.5 cents. And a lot of other stuff would go away too.

And as far as the 185% turnover, please remember that many people left to go to better jobs that paid more. There were not 120 people who were fired. Those who were fired were discharged for a reason, and we can assure you that these discharge files are public record.

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