Caught on Tape: The Dennis Files

IMG_1268A scant three months ago, the mayor of LaVergne was quoted in the Daily News Journal saying he did not want to have a hostile work environment. He said everyone was “treated equal” at City Hall. He is often heard boasting about how great employee morale is.

We have to ask, though, is it really?  How can people feel comfortable knowing the mayor is talking about them behind their backs? How is it not a hostile work environment when the mayor goes around the city talking trash about employees, residents, volunteers, and other elected officials? Remember the old saying: If they gossip with you, they’ll gossip about you.

Apparently the mayor was caught on tape and didn’t have a whole lot of nice things to say about people in his community or people working under him.

We understand that several names were edited out of the original audio clip to protect the identity of the person(s) recording the conversation. In these edited sections, employees from the senior center were ridiculed. People who did not vote for him were described as idiots. And the attacks against the former mayor were relentless and vile.

Here’s the story run by WKRN for you to watch. We also received a copy this evening of the audio clips and here’s what was said and a transcript of his words.

Audio 1 Download Below

Audio 1 Transcript: Senna told all the senior citizens down there that if I got elected I was gonna do away with the senior center. The senior center is thriving best its ever been.

Audio 2 Download Below

Audio 2 Transcript: Seniors was calling me said I can’t vote for you because Senna told me you was going to do away with the senior center. Then the fire the police were called us and say hey we ain’t gonna vote for me because we don’t want the fire department and police department turned over to the sheriff’s department. I been there almost six months and what’s happened. We still got the fire department. We still got the police department. That’s what (garbled). Firemen policemen rescue the senior citizens know that was a bare faced lie. Then they found out she spent over $250,000 of city money on her campaign.

Audio 3 Download:

Audio 3 Transcript:  He was two weeks over there holding a sign for her and Broeker.  Where is he now, Public Works Director. AC Davis he was holding a sign for her for two weeks, he’s Park Director.  Kathy Tyson, she runs Senna’s website for years where is she sitting?  She is PR and City Recorder.  I can go on and on and on…

Audio 4 Download:

Audio 4 Transcript: See Miss Evie. She voted for Senna because Senna told her, her son is a fireman. And she was scared if I got elected I was gong to try to give the fire department back to James Gafford.  I told Miss Evie, I said “Miss Evie, you got better sense than that. Why would I spend four million dollars to buy this damn fire department from James Gafford and turn around and give it to him? He don’t want it! James Gafford would if we went to James Gafford today and told him we’d sell the fire department to him for two million dollars. He would laugh his ass off all out the door. We coulda got the fire department for nothing without it costing a dime.

Audio 5 Download (hard to transcribe because very garbled):

Audio 5 Transcript: See we had James Gafford… the reason we didn’t take it over in 2010 we didn’t have the money. The only way we could take it over in 2010 was double taxes. Everybody saying she had to double taxes. Yes to take the fire department over. Take the money that we spent on the fire department, that’s the money that doubled the taxes. We had no money in 2010 to buy the fire department. The only way you could do it was raise property taxes. We knew when we gave that 10-year contract on them that we were going to have a problem up the road. We been in a 10 year recession. We was broke. Nothing been happening for 10 years because we didn’t had no money.  Still something starts to happen like Walmart (garbled). When they bought the fire department over, ugh, Walmart and two or three of these things would come in whoever was mayor … they spent money that we had no way of knowing … She spent money we didn’t have. There’s three things that she said she was gonna do. One she was gonna fire Mark Moshea. Number Two uh uh uh she was going to cut off money to the Rescue Squad and she was going to buy the fire department… one thing about it is she done what she promised. Because she had Broeker and Chris Farmer that didn’t have a clue what was going on. They had their head up their asses.

Audio 6 Download:

Audio 6 Transcript: … I’m running the city as a business. Everybody can tell you down there that Bruce is running the city on the day-to-day operations. If somebody goes down there that Bruce doesn’t know, they come to me, I’m not overruling Bruce.

Audio 7 Download:

Audio 7 Transcript: Bruce does a lot of stuff down there that I don’t like. But I don’t overrule him. Now if he does something I don’t like, I’ll go in his office and have a private meeting with him and I’ll tell him how I feel. But no firing. There’s been an 85% of people turnover down there. We got six lawsuits and three of them is coming from they firing people that should’ve really not been fired. What’s that gonna cost? I don’t know. One thing you’ll never hear me do is blame my problems now on the previous administration. I might tell you what they done but I was handled a mess and I’m gonna deal with it. When I took office I had six lawsuits staring me in the face.  The city was broke. I was 45 million dollars in debt. I’m gonna cure the whole thing. And if little shit like Box 100 and the Rescue Squad that’s little shit that I have to deal with. 

Audio 8 Download:

Audio 8 Transcript: What I ought to do I oughta keep Broeker oughta get Jason Cole and get Chris Farmer back and I’ll get Laura Davidson. That would be a powerhouse right there. Dumb dumb and dumbest.

While the mayor has every right to speak his mind, sometimes less is best. Especially when you’re the mayor. He signs the paychecks of a lot of the people he’s trashing – how does he think that makes those employees and ALL employees who didn’t happen to get caught in this recording feel?  How does it make the volunteers in this city feel?

The mayor has a license plate on the front of his truck that says “God loves you.” While God loves you, it is clear that Dennis Waldron does not. What a hypocrite.


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