Bye-Bye Fire Sprinklers

Let’s face it. The ordinance requiring fire sprinklers to be put into new construction homes is dead. Or it will be in a couple of months. After the effort to revoke that ordinance fizzled last month, we thought it was over. However, the mayor wasn’t paying attention during the meeting he was running. And Calvin Jones wasn’t paying attention either. Evidently they are equally incompetent when it comes to serving on the city council. Nonetheless, Calvin Jones put the item back on the agenda so we now have to suffer through another few months of hearing builders whine at how expensive they are and how that added cost is not worth saving a life.

Not only does the fact that sprinklers do save lives not matter to them, but it also doesn’t seem to matter that this ordinance will help our ISO rating drop, thereby causing ALL of our homeowners insurance policies to decrease.


This editorial isn’t about that because we all know it’s a done deal. The unraveling of the ordinance has already been bought and paid for so we may as well throw in the towel.


There were some interesting things said at the Board workshop very worth discussing. First Calvin Jones said we should require all homes get retrofitted for sprinklers if we require it of new homes. He also said all homes should require AED (or defibrillator) machines because those also save lives. He is using a fear tactic – basically threatening all homeowners – in order to justify his stance. Hey Calvin. Where will your campaign funds come from during the 2016 election? We’ll just bet from the same place the mayor got his. From the builders you make decisions about while sitting on the Planning Commission. Conflict of interest much?

Next we were quite stunned at the sheer arrogance of Melisa Brown questioning the fire chief. “Do YOU have sprinklers in your home?”  It was appalling to see her very public attempt to SHAME the fire chief.

The worst, though, may have come from the mouth of the Vice Mayor. The single most supportive group of people for Sherry Green have been firefighters. She was ALL FOR the measure of fire sprinklers less than a year ago because she knew not only does it save the lives of citizens, but fire sprinklers also protect firefighters who are willing to sacrifice their safety for these citizens. But suddenly – after declaring her love for the members of this current board – she turned her back on these men and women.

Well La Vergne. This is what you wanted. This is now our reality.

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