What the Cluck: Pay Attention at Meetings

We were so proud of this Board of Mayor and Aldermen for seemingly doing the right thing when they kept the ordinance intact that requires fire sprinklers in new construction in the city.  Public safety is afterall one of the tenets of good government.

However, the article published the next day in the Daily News Journal showed the intent to protect the public was not really there,

Although the first reading of an ordinance to end La Vergne’s sprinkler requirement for new homes failed on a 3-2 vote of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen Tuesday night, Mayor Dennis Waldron later said he was mistaken in his vote.

Waldron voted along with Aldermen Tom Broeker and Calvin Jones against approving the ordinance to change residential building codes in La Vergne. He said after the meeting that he wanted instead to change the codes and eliminate the requirement to install sprinklers that the board approved last year.  “I intended to vote for it,” Waldron said. “I just had something else on my mind.”

This begs the question, is our mayor really this inept? Is he running a meeting representing 35,000 people who live here, but has his mind on something else? Alderman Broeker was very clear when he made the motion to DENY the ordinance.  Alderman Jones seconded it. There was a clear majority that voted to deny the ordinance on first reading.

There are a few ways to look at this:

  • Even a blind pig finds an acorn now and then, so perhaps some good came out of a confused board and human lives and property will be saved. If so, kudos again.
  • The mayor is completely incompetent to run the city. This man is making decisions for the safety and welfare of our entire city and is responsible for overseeing millions of dollars – and yet he can’t cast an accurate vote. They voted TWICE (roll call and confirmed by the recorder to read the votes back). How do you not realize you voted wrong?  And if you did, why did you not have the intelligence or courage to speak up at that time and correct your vote?
  • This is a deeper plan to scuffle the vote so that someone else who will be up for reelection in less than two years can reintroduce the measure. The builders who so generously donated to the mayor’s campaign and the campaign of another alderman would then look favorably on said alderman and fund his campaign. We will not say his “reelection” campaign because he was not “elected” by the majority of voters the first go-round. He was essentially appointed by the mayor and his yes-girl.

What are your thoughts? Do you think this was an innocent blunder? Do you think it was a strategy? Either way, this is NO WAY to run a city and it is embarrassing for many residents.  It should be embarrassing for the people who voted for him! For crying out loud, PAY ATTENTION AT MEETINGS.

While we’re asking some tough questions, let’s talk about the Vice Mayor. As an alderman, she joined the majority to pass the fire sprinkler requirement last year and she seemed very passionate about saving lives. This time she voted to get rid of that same ordinance she previously supported. What changed here, Mrs. Green? Why will you not stand by your vote last year? Or do you just flip flop depending on the direction of the wind? How very disappointing.

If you’d like to witness first-hand the ridiculous meeting, watch it right here.

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