The Sun, The Moon, and The Truth

Hello readers, friends, and neighbors. My name is Senna Mosley and it is an honor to announce that I am a new writer here at This is La Vergne. Why am I here?  First and foremost I am here because I love my city. I want to see it continue to flourish. I want to see a continued growth in retail to build and maintain a strong infrastructure. As residents, we need good roads and safe bridges. Sales tax revenues will also increase the amount of revenue that goes to the county. With that increase, my hope is that our schools will be boosted and county programs will look more favorably at La Vergne. Perhaps animal control could afford a full-time officer dedicated to serving our city, for example.

I also want to see our quality of life continue to improve. We laid the groundwork during my administration to provide more quality of life events. We began a fourth of July celebration, a nighttime Christmas parade, a pageant for our young students. We built a new playground for one of the most underserved (yet biggest) areas of the city. We opened a greenway for another underserved area, with plans for a future playground. We expanded the Old Timers Festival to be more inviting with family activities. My point is, I love my city and I want to see the new leadership continue to do good things on behalf of all residents.

As the former Mayor, I also want to acknowledge that this site has made a positive impact on the city. With no community newspaper, no community radio station, and no community television station, it became the voice that many people turned to for news and information. There have been many opinions shared here, but my objective is not to write just editorials. Instead I want to provide an analytical discussion based on facts about the outcomes – or what could be triggered by – `the votes of our city council. I welcome dialog in comment sections, but I would ask people to discuss in a civil manner. We can agree to disagree without name-calling and finger-pointing. And if we listen, perhaps we can learn from each other.

As Buddha said, “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”

I want truth to prevail. For example, it is with extreme gratitude that I acknowledge the city now fully owns its own fire department. The last payment was made earlier this month from the funding my administration set aside to make this dream a reality. We now have our own fire department that is here exclusively to serve the public rather than to serve a for-profit entity.

I want truth to prevail. I want to keep my face to the sun. I want to know that with the moon, there is nothing to fear in darkness.

I also want to thank the citizens of La Vergne for their years of support and friendship. I do love my city. And I love seeing our residents prosper as they join together as a village to care for one another. Let’s keep that forward momentum.

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