Our Police Got It Going On

After seeing the horror of police being killed in different parts of the country, I am writing to challenge our residents to consider signing up for the city’s “Citizens Police Academy” that is starting in January. I know the deadline may be close (or just expired), but am guessing our Chief and the Community Liaison Officer will do whatever they can to accept students. You can contact Officer Robertson at srobertson (at) lavergne (dot) come for information.

A friend of mine took the class this Fall and said it has been an incredible experience. They cover everything from dusting for fingerprints to dispatch calls to crime scenes. AND students will get to go along on a ride-along with an officer OR sit in dispatch and experience the calls that come in.

We have heard fussing in our city about the cost of public safety. If you ever thought or spoke out against the police cars, then YOU should consider signing up for the academy to learn WHY the purchases were made. Why do we need more police? Why the equipment?  Just do it. You won’t regret it.

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