When Character Counts

Candidate David Driggers has said he does not like how long-time residents are being treated by this administration. They no longer have free reign and now have to follow the rules and ordinances of the land. He doesn’t like it one dang bit.  He has joined forces with Alderman Waldron and Melisa Brown who hope to change La Vergne.

Driggers Waldron

David Driggers is campaigning alongside Dennis Waldron – so much so that their signs are identical.

Driggers Brown

David Driggers has already violated election laws by not putting how his signs were paid for (a directive clearly written by the Rutherford County Election Commission for all candidates to read).  He is campaigning alongside Melisa Brown who is running for alderman, as well. She also failed to identify on her expensive mailer who paid for it – again a violation of election law.

So just who is David Driggers? He is the local businessman who did not show up for the League of Women Voters because he was indicted and arrested that very day for sexually assaulting a woman. He doesn’t like how old LaVergne is being treated. Longtime residents have to follow laws now, just like everyone else.

Vote Driggers

The photo above was posted in May when he skipped out on bond.  The photo below was taken by the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office on October 8 when he was arrested following his indictment. For sexual assault.

Driggers October 8


And Dennis Waldron supports David Driggers to serve as an elected official of our city.  We have another photo (because photos, of course, are worth a thousand words). This photo is from the F.O.P. Forum where candidates sat wherever they chose (the League of Women Voters placed them alphabetically).  There is a clear division – a line drawn if you will – on  who supports “Old LaVergne” where people are no longer allowed to do what they want, to ignore codes violations (remember the illegal dump the state found on Waldron property), to have police look the other way when thus ordered by the Mayor (also illegal for a mayor to do this).


Again, look at this photo.

Driggers Waldron

Now look at the character assassination by the candidate hoping to be mayor with his expensive flyers full of typos and misinformation.

Wake Up LaVergne 1

Wake Up LaVergne 2

We talk to employees and can assure you the ONLY time morale is low is when Alderman Waldron is in a city building. Go ahead. Call any of the current employees and ask them. They are not afraid of Mayor Mosley. They are not fearful of Vice Mayor Farmer or Alderman Green because they are clear on their expectations of them.  “Do your job and do it legally, morally, and ethically.”

Who do we guess is saying morale is low (besides Alderman Waldron? The ones who have been fired for NOT DOING THEIR JOBS, for having SEX ON DUTY, for LYING while being in a position of authority, for showing up for work HIGH OR DRUNK. These are the “employees” with low morale. These are the ones who are also hoping negative-campaign-specialist Dennis Waldron, indicted-for-SEXUAL-ASSAULT David Driggers, and ignore-campaign-laws Melisa Brown will win.

But here’s reality.  Spending is under control. The city now has a balanced budget and is fiscally sound (otherwise the city’s credit rating would not have been upgraded). The alderman wants to give neighborhoods “adequate” protection? Crime rate is now at its lowest level in at least a decade. Support tax breaks for senior citizens? That is a STATE program that the city already participates in… and it’s not a “tax break,” it’s tax relief. Upgrade roads to alleviate traffic congestion? How are you going to pay for that with your tax cuts? Add retail developments? Isn’t that what this administration is already doing with Walmart set to open this time next year and the nice shopping center facing I-24 (TJ Maxx & Hobby Lobby) set to open this time next year?

We have to go back and ask who exactly are the citizens supporting the candidates with questionable motives? Well one of their biggest supporters ran for county commissioner several years ago. And she ran a dirty campaign against her opponent who had promised he would not run a negative campaign. It didn’t stop her, though. Read what This is LaVergne wrote years ago about her campaign here. It appears she and Alderman Waldron are using the same play book.

We are imploring our voting citizens get out and vote tomorrow (last day of early voting) or on election day Tuesday, November 4th. Remember, we can vote to keep moving forward, make progress, and to finally feel proud to live in a great community with wonderful events and happy employees. Or we can vote to step back 10 years to “Old LaVergne” in which favors were granted to longtime residents, in which employees looked the other way when codes are violated (illegal dumps, junky Murfreesboro Rd.), and to when people didn’t bat an eye when a would-be alderman is indicted for SEXUAL ASSAULT.

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