Follow the Money: It’s Not Politics, It’s Progress

Politics-ProgressThere have been many requests to “follow the money” to see who is donating on election campaigns, so we did. A friend requested the campaign financial disclosure statements for all candidates and we are putting them out here for anyone and everyone to read.

Melisa Brown

Jason Cole

David Driggers

Chris Farmer

Sherry Green

Calvin B Jones

Senna Mosley

Dennis Waldron

There were a couple of items to note:

  1. Both Melisa Brown and Dennis Waldron accepted a donation from Mohammad Shams. Alderman Waldron said he lived in Antioch and was a chicken farmer, while Ms. Brown lists a Lebanon address and says he is self employed as a landlord.  Who is Mohammad Shams and what interest does he have in LaVergne?
  2. A lot of the Dennis Waldron’s money comes from builders and contractors. To the tune of getting the fire sprinkler ordinance thrown out, perhaps? If these builders can afford to donate to political campaigns, they can sure afford to install sprinklers (which they’d charge back to home buyers, anyway!) So much for public safety!
  3. The insinuations made about current elected officials “getting rich” are proven false in these disclosures. Clearly the Mayor, Vice Mayor, and Alderman voted in a manner that is moving the city forward and NOT for personal gain. THEY are not the ones doing the massive spending that Dennis Waldron is doing, mailing the negative campaign flyer.

What are your thoughts? Please keep the discussion polite.

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1 comment for “Follow the Money: It’s Not Politics, It’s Progress

  1. Sherry
    October 22, 2014 at 2:25 pm

    I also posted this on the TIL FB page, but Shams definitely has an interest in this election, considering the amount of property he owns here: Shams Properties owns 20+ properties in this area – a few in Smyrna, but mostly in La Vergne. He’s got residential, commercial, industrial and retail. Holdings include the property where Noodle House is, and that lovely motel on Murfreesboro Road. Disclaimer: I did pull the info off the county’s website and sometimes they make mistakes.

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