Time to Vote: Beware Lies and Misrepresentations

With early voting beginning tomorrow, we wanted to give you just a little bit more insight on the site that has been actively campaigning against the current administration, despite the accomplishments made following very very tough decisions. First, we will own up to banning a couple of people from our own Facebook page solely because they are “fake” accounts. How do we define an account that is not real? It would be an account set up two weeks to a couple of months ago with only four or 20 friends. You know what we mean – we’ve all seen these accounts.

That said, here is a photo of what most comments on Facebook look like when the comments are not hidden by a page:


Please note everything is clear to read in the picture above.  Next we’ll look at a couple of comments that have been “hidden” or “blocked” by administrators. They are still “readable” because we are friends with the persons who posted the comments, and these types of comments are visible (shaded in gray) to friends. Note that these comments were not out of line. There was no profane language.



Next we want to show you a comment that was hidden, but we can’t read because the commenter is not our “friend” on facebook. Why are we doing this? Because her message is important… vitally, incredibly important to read before you walk into the voting booth tomorrow. Another friend of ours shared it on his page:

Wrote by Debbie Hardee well I don’t know to be disgusted, hurt or just ticked off. I spoke with Dennis Waldron today (in front of 2 other people, all 4 of us are friends) and I told him about me asking ccol visitors for a meet & greet to talk over concerns and that I only heard back from 2 people not even the admin of this page commented on it. now this status that I am writing on already has 76 likes over 20 remarks?? I asked Dennis this cause it seems most people here seem to be repeating what he says and seem to know EVERYTHING there is to know and defends him so proudly, I thought this was his site. Well Dennis Waldron dropped the bomb on me and said and I quote “that this site is ran and most of the comments here are by Mayor Mosley old friends that she ticked off and they are here not for him but to voice out against her.” “they could care less what you have to say unless you are bashing”. And ya have made that clear. I came here to find out if anyone has talked to the police or fire department heads to voice your concerns about their budget and nobody has yet to give me a straight answer. And here I was going as so far to leave work to go and get information from these department heads so I could help answer questions just to get ignored, and run around. Whoever is running this site could care less what people like me have to say, but before I go let me tell you this it takes a little over $15 a month for a average home valued as 125,000 to pay for police and fire,(less of course for a home less) in my world that’s a pizza and a rt44 drink from sonic for my child, and I do that for him once a week , so I pay more for pizza and a drink a month than I do for my family safety., and people want to fuss???? This site says they support emergency services but there is nothing on here about the breast cancer awareness shirts BOTH departments are selling, you say station 3 is under remodeling when its only the bay and I can go on but I chose not to.; its just to upsetting Anyone here that’s only here to get revenge on a person by giving other people here the wrong info should be ashamed, you are hurting a lot more people than Mayor Mosley, not to mention the wrong information you are putting out that’s hurting Dennis Waldron!!! Do you think people don’t get out and talk face to face? And Patricia Farmer if Chris Farmer was so bad , why do you still have his name? Heck that’s was in my divorce papers on the TOP LINE ! And admin here are so on top of people remarks why didn’t you remove hers, I don’t see where a bitter divorce has to do with anything on this topic. Oh wait yes I do BITTER PEOPLE.I sincerely hope the REAL CONCERNED CITIZENS OF LA VERGNE will stop listing to this site. [sic]

THIS is what the other site has become. THIS is what you need to know.  To operate a site simply to bash another human being is unbecoming at best, defamation of character at worst.

There is also deception. One frequent commenter on the other site has waged a continual war against the city regarding her water bills, specifically because they are so high now. However after someone submitted a request for information – because all information is public record with the city – we saw something very disturbing. Her water bill has actually appeared to have GONE DOWN over the last four years, but it has crept up somewhat in the last few months. We chose to not disclose the person’s name online because unlike the other site, we are not vindictive. We just want voters (and readers) to see the truth for themselves. We assure you she is one of two people (in addition to the ghost administrator carrying out some weird grudge match) who is leading the charge against the city.  If you do want to know who this is or see the actual copy, contact us directly via message on Facebook and we will send you the information.

Years 2014-2013

Citizen1 2014-13

Years 2013-2012

Citizen1 2013-2012

Years 2012-2011

Citizen1 2012-2011

Years 2010 – 2009

Citizen1 2010-2009

Years 2009-2008

Citizen1 2009-2008

Years 2008-2007

Citizen1 2008-2007

We aren’t offering explanations on what may have occurred. What we are saying is that there is a long long history here that this customer has had with water billing. Perhaps it’s not entirely this administration’s fault??

Another frequent commenter regularly rants about her outrageous water bill. We looked at her water consumption through a request for information and found that there is a pattern of her water usage. These bills increase in May and June with a couple of oddball months. Typically, ALL households consume more water in those two months, especially if you have a swimming pool or garden. We would advise her to talk to water billing about the anomalous months to explore why there was a jump in use rather than using social networking as a weapon against other human beings.

Citizen2 Water Consumption 1


Again, we are not disclosing the person’s name online because, we are not vindictive. We simply want to share information that not everything you read is completely truthful and that some truthful statements are hidden from all readers.

We believe the city’s water and sewer rates are comparable to other cities in our own area, and are probably pretty low compared to other parts of the country. To us having clean water piped right into our homes (and yes we DO drink it right out of the faucet and NO it does not taste bad) is well worth what we pay for it. If you aren’t happy with it, just stop by the lake any time, fill up however many containers you need, and boil the water.

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