FOP endorses Mosley, Farmer and Green in La Vergne elections

WFOP logoe received the following news release from the F.O.P.:

Percy Priest Lodge #85 of the Fraternal Order of Police is officially endorsing candidates for the upcoming La Vergne municipal elections. As a lodge we studied the performance and voting history of current officials in office and we held an election forum for all candidates running for aldermen and mayor.  At the forum on September 19, 2014, each candidate was asked to speak up to seven minutes about their thoughts and views on emergency services, followed by questions from the audience.

After the debate was over it was clear to our Lodge who should lead the City of La Vergne. It was also clear by every vote that was cast during Board of Mayor and Aldermen meetings since the 2010 election who truly was for cutting edge public safety and who clearly voted against the city making progress, keeping public safety and other basic infrastructure needs in the constant state of disrepair of past administrations.

The public safety arena, and specifically the police force, must be given tools and equipment to protect the public in an ever changing environment. While the candidates that we endorse chose to take a proactive approach with their votes, one mayor candidate, Alderman Dennis Waldron, consistently voted against public safety matters, specifically against budgets that provided law enforcement officers with proper equipment, training, and staffing to make this city safe.

Our endorsement goes to incumbent candidates:  Senna Mosely for Mayor and Chris Farmer and Sherry Green for Aldermen.  Because of their proactive voting and their proactive stance and responsible leadership to public safety, the city has its lowest overall crime rate in ten years. Without this type of commitment, crime reduction is impossible to achieve.

Mayor Mosley, Vice Mayor Farmer, and Alderman Green have voted during the past four years in a way that has brought the city from the worst depths of cronyism and mismanagement to a viable reputable form of government. They have not interfered with political muscle in the day to day operations of the department as the days of old. They made a solid commitment to public safety and voted in favor of all of the necessary budgets needed to transition the police department into a professional organization. A few of their many accomplishments are listed below:

  1. Hired Chief Mike Walker who is well respected throughout the Law Enforcement community as a professional and problem solver.
  2. Every commissioned supervisor and one officer has attended Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command.
  3. One supervisor completed the FBI National Academy
  4. One Detective is attending the TBI Academy
  5. Added two new K9 Units
  6. They have given continued support to Club Knock Out, the Fraternal Order of Police Percy Priest Lodge #85’s boxing program for at risk youth.
  7. The creation of a Community Liaison Officer to promote better relationships with the community.
  8. Continued growth in the area of grants received to combat drunk driving and better equipment.
  9. These candidates have promoted an environment where officers can do their jobs without fear of political reprisal.

These candidates have proven to the police officers and residents of the City of La Vergne that they are truly committed to making this city safer and having a more professional police department. This is the direction we must maintain if we want to truly make a difference in our community. We ask that all voters keep these thoughts in mind when making your decision. We have come from an era where mediocre was the accepted standard to a place where values, professionalism, and service is standard operating procedure. The Lodge asks all of the voters in the upcoming election to support our endorsed candidates.

Senna Mosley for Mayor

Chris Farmer for Alderman

Sherry Green for Alderman

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