Blocking Free Speech

A notorious local social media site has long claimed to be open and fair to all citizens of the city, even posting this under their “About” section: Our intent is to open discussions regarding our town which includs fiscal responsibility, taxes, and operations affecting citizens. We like our city, hey, we live here. We support our police, fire and rescue personnel. We may disagree with issues, but we do respect the offices. We have only a few guidelines [sic] Be respectful -this is a mixed group of points of view. Discussions may get heated but please discuss the issues, not the person. No profanity. No harassing. Failure to follow the above guidelines will have your post(s) deleted and you may be blocked from posting on this site. Comments are the sole responsibility of the poster.

What we have found recently, however, is quite the opposite. Anyone with an opposing view has been banned or blocked from that site, essentially ending any discussion or differing opinions. What does this do? It allows for only one opinion, one point-of-view, one highly one-sided site. The banning and blocking have become so rampant, in fact, that another social media site has been created called “Banned and Blocked in LaVergne” with 121 members, and at least two dozen of them officially blocked from commenting. The reasons range from one person saying she asked if there were not more important things to discuss than who gets free insurance, another for her spouse working for the city, another for telling the truth… you see where this is going. Unless you are on their political bandwagon of criticizing water rates, the mayor, or vice mayor, then you are not welcome to comment. It is technically NOT censorship because that would relate only to government censorship and they certainly do not represent the government.

The point of this post, however, is not just to talk about the administrative decisions made by the ghost people in charge. Rather we want to share comments here that their readers should be reading, but can’t because those commenters are blocked from writing.

From the wife of the police chief: 
Since I am banned from your site, your response has to be on mine. The person who started and continues to spread these ” rumors” is Dennis Waldron. Numerous people will attest to the FACT he has stated he wants the Chief of PD gone, wishes Boyd was back, has promised fired officers jobs, and wants the Fire Department volunteer and never wanted the city to purchase it. Why do you think he pushed to sign a new contract for fire before it was up for review and the new administration took over? He soaked the citizens for thousands of dollars to help his buddy the previous owner. If you aren’t going to check facts, try common sense when the undisputed facts are presented to you [sic]

From a very conservative, long time resident:
For the first time in my life in LV I’m ashamed of this city. No not the ones in office but the dirty nasty ugly comments and outright lies that people are spreading on that other page.
I’m ashamed of the dirty politics you all are playing. I’m ashamed that you say one thing and do another and I’m totally ashamed that you claim to be representing the citizens of this city.
You don’t represent me. You are not concerned about anything except being ugly and unresponsive to emails that I’ve sent and questions that I’ve asked.
The nonsense that was posted last night was a personal attack on a city official and yet you didn’t delete or ban as you state you will.
We are all supposed to be adults and unfortunately you are not acting that way. You am discuss politics all day but to personally attack someone and their personal Job and family.
I’ll be thankful for this election to be done and honestly I would love to move away and get away from small town politics because this election is leaving a sour flavor in mouth.
Your words carry power. The bible is very clear on that. So those of you spewing lies, bitterness and hatred, remember your words will be judged one day.

A firefighter earlier posted that he was sick of the hatred being spread in this election. The fire chief begged citizens to come and talk to him, an assistant chief, or any fire fighter to learn the truth about why Station 3 is being remodeled and why new equipment is desperately needed.

We are begging citizens of the city to get the full truth before voting. You are hearing promises of reducing your water and sewer bill, yet the city is on state probation and that cannot and will not be done without state approval. You are hearing promises of keeping taxes low, yet to do this there will be services cut. Go to the city web page and see how many pennies each household pays per month (e.g., you pay 91 cents per month for having a public library… less than a candy bar). Get the full truth and then decide who your vote will go to.


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  1. Myra Williams
    October 15, 2014 at 5:53 am

    Wow! I’m getting quite the education here. I had NO idea that there was so much mud slinging going on and so much ‘dirty dealing’. What fun it will be to vote this month.

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