Linking to League of Women Voters Forum

We wanted to link to the League of Women Voters Election Forum from this past Wednesday (October 8, 2014) for anyone who might have missed it. Please watch this (or watch it again), share it, and be informed voters. Our take is that there were some clear winners, but we’ll get into that in our next article in which we “Grade” the candidates running for office.

Some quick highlights about the Mayor’s forum:

  • It is the “League of Women Voters” and NOT the “Women and League of Voters” as one candidate said (he was probably nervous).
  • We challenge you to ask any employee when their morale is low (NOT former employees… current employees).
  • The management of schools located in the city is not the responsibility of the city, but of the county. One candidate thought it would be a good plan to build on what we got with our schools.

Some quick highlights from the Aldermen forum:

  • One candidate seems to really dislike department directors almost to the point of sounding threatening.
  • The stigma of living in La Vergne really does seem to be disappearing. Except for a few who choose to remain in a constant state of anger.
  • One candidate was missing. Guess who?


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