When The Last Sentence Says It All

One candidate for Alderman is facing charges of sexual battery, according to the Daily News Journal. Now we don’t have any idea at all what goes on inside his business… we don’t know because of the dozens and dozens if not hundreds of vehicles parked all around so you can’t look inside.  We do know that under the very able leadership of Police Chief Mike Walker it is highly unlikely that the alderman candidate would be charged if he was perfectly innocent.

While the allegations and charges of sexual assault are a pretty big story in itself, we’ll leave it to the district attorney, jury, and judge to figure out his guilt or innocence.

However, what really caught our attention was the very last sentence of the article in which the candidate talked about why he is running,

The current leaders “want to tell you what to do,” he said, “and it has hurt your ability to make a living, to be an American.”

It appears that the candidate does not want to follow the rules. We suggest that curious people contact the Codes Department – a department whose staff another candidate for mayor has promised to dispense of – to see what kind of complaints have been filed. We believe some people simply don’t like the fact that Codes, Ordinances, and the laws of the land are now being enforced.

But that’s our opinion.

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