One Weird Campaign

inside of cemeteryIN OUR OPINION…

It takes a special kind of person to campaign as Alderman Waldron is doing. He placed his campaign sign on the INSIDE of a gated cemetery on Carothers Rd.  We ask in all seriousness, could this be any more disrespectful?

Speaking of signs, when only one candidate for mayor is having campaign signs stolen and vandalized, we return to the question asked a few days ago … what kind of person is the opponent and what kind of people are his supporters?  At best, they are absolutely irresponsible and running scared.  At worst, they are vandals and thieves.  Yes we said it. Vandals. Thieves. Irresponsible. And scared of losing. Why has the other candidate not asked his supporters to stop?  And he puts his signs up on the inside of cemetery fences?? This type of campaigning is a black eye on the democratic process. If you see it happening, take photos. If you see something suspicious, take photos.

While we are at it, again Candidate Waldron has gone throughout LaVergne this weekend telling people he intends to lower taxes when elected. We keep having people tell us this/ That’s just great, but ask him if you talk with him HOW.  How will he cut the budget? Is he making an empty campaign promise just to get elected? Or does he have an actual plan?  If he has a plan, he should have no problem telling you what city services are going away or being cut.  Read this about what a tax cut could mean.

For me, I’d hate to see the library open only three days a week (if at all).  But that’s okay because we can always drive to Smyrna or Murfreesboro to use their libraries. I’d hate to see the Senior Center closed when so many of these senior citizens who the candidate supposedly supports depend on it for meals.  I’d hate to see our police force cut when our crime rate is finally down after years of embarrassment.  I’d hate to see retailers stop coming when they learn that things would operate a little bit differently. I’d hate to see the progress we’ve made paving roads stop.  Has your street been paved yet?  How will you like not being able to call Codes to complain about junk cars or high grass when half the staff is gone (another promise he is making to people)?  Why would he do that?  Because he and his family have been cited numerous times for violations of city ordinances. But if you vote for him, you won’t mind the illegal dump in your backyard, will you?

Finally, he is promising to lower water and sewer rates. What part of it NOT being up to the city do people not understand? The city is on PROBATION from the state for past misdeeds.  THEY will say if rates go up or down, not a politician making promises he can’t keep.

The fox is in the hen house, and he doesn’t care what he says to get elected. What have you heard from the candidates, what ideas do you like and not like?

It’s time to wake up, LaVergne. Remember, we deserve what we get in the end if we don’t take action and vocally support the progress we are now making.

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