It’s the People, Not the Party

voteIn the past year, we have seen a shift in local politics. Previously local officials did not run based on party affiliation, but qualified by getting a number of signatures on petition and then simply filing with the local election commission.   Tennessee is solidly a “red” state and it seems that one party wants to flex that political muscle. This is their right.

However, the local Republican party may find people of all political parties voting in their primaries.  As Scott Broden of the DNJ says, Go vote in the GOP Primary!!  He makes the point that it might be the only chance given to voters to have a say in who actually serves. Why? Because nearly everyone seems to have jumped on the Republican bandwagon so these primaries may be the only elections with any kind of “choice.”

Yet Rep. Joe Carr doesn’t like the idea of crossover voting. A bill he was pushing, according to the DNJ, “would have required Tennessee voters to say they are voting in the primary that most closely reflects their values.”  That proposal was slapped down by the House Local Government Committee.

Here’s our opinion.  At the local level, our leadership should represent the PEOPLE, not the party.  How do I know as a voter that your decisions will be made based on the needs and safety of of my neighbors rather than an ideology spouted by a political party? You can be a fiscal conservative without being a Republican. You can want people to have a safety net without being a Democrat. REPRESENT ME, not the party.

This is simply the opinion of the editorial team here at This is LaVergne.  What are your thoughts on this, LaVergne?

By the way, early voting is underway now through May 6 at the Civic Auditorium on Old Nashville Highway. For hours and the list of people running in the Republican primary, follow this link to the Rutherford County Election Commission.  Good luck to everyone running!

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