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The recent uproar from comments quacked by a television personality* and the subsequent fallout helps demonstrate the point that you do have the freedom to talk without fear of going to jail in the U.S.  But be warned that when you do talk and your conversation is filled with inaccuracies, false accusations, and hatred – well, others have the right to speak in defense and/or call you out on it.  If you are into publicly shaming folks, then you can expect a push back because there are still decent people in this world who are willing to defend the truth.

A local social media site known primarily as a showcase for angry rants against progress is at it again. And I am here today with this editorial to offer some balance in the latest accusations made in posts and comments about the city’s management of the newly purchased fire department. Some background, the city provided its first-ever fire chief a vehicle to drive, not unlike giving people in Codes, Public Works, Police, etc. city vehicles to drive. Their comments are in italics and my response is below.

1.  Is there really a need for this new vehicle.
When the fire chief does not have a vehicle to drive, then yes there really is a need for it. Unless you would like for the chief to jog to the scene of whatever emergency the fire department is responding to.

2.  They just now took over the fire dept and they are already spending our tax money and water Pymt on what I think is a trashy looking vehicle .. 
Funds cannot be commingled between general fund account and water account. So no, they are not taking your “water Pymt” to pay for a vehicle. Yes they are spending your tax money on a vehicle (which in my opinion does not look trashy at all, but really pretty sharp) so (again) the fire chief does not have to jog or hitchhike his way to an emergency scene.

3.   How long til the mayors husband become assistant fire chief ??? I give it til April
Clearly you have not familiarized yourself with the city hiring policy (which is modeled after the state personnel policies) in which no relative of any elected official can work for the city. Secondly – and other people have commented on this – why would someone who has worked in Metro for 30 years give up an already solid, good job as one of Nashville’s best firefighters for pay that we suspect would be far less than he is now earning and in a city filled with certain people who have nothing but hostility toward him and his wife?  Come April, come July, come October, come December will you publicly admit you were wrong when the mayor’s husband does NOT become assistant fire chief?  And were you the same person who said the mayor’s husband was going to be fire chief? That, too, was not true.

4.   Can we say “Wasting Money”???
The city will save by conservative estimates $7.2 MILLION in the next seven years through the fire department purchase. $7.2 MILLION. And that is after paying the $4 million to buy the fire department.


Saving $7.2 MILLION does not sound like they are “wasting money.”  How about you mention that the city is also able to hire 13 new firefighters in the next six months spending no more money than they would have spent under the fire contract this year. Does that not boggle your mind a little bit? How did you feel about the former owner of the department putting an estimated $100,000 from his for-profit contract signed in September 2010 (with Mayor Mosley being the sole “nay” vote)  in his pocket every month? But we didn’t see any comments on that, did we?

5.  The old saying goes…If u got it …you spend it. Problem is, it needs to be spent on something like, oh, lets say maybe all the pot holes and not this vehicle. Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paved recently: Fergus Road, Chaney Road, Sanford Road, Waldron Road between the Mapco and Stoneridge Parkway, tons of streets in Lake Forest subdivision, and miles more. The city is now on a 10-year paving plan so that all the streets should be paved every ten years. Meanwhile the Public Works Department has asked you to report potholes for repairs by calling 793-9891.

6.  My question is, was he already fire chief or did she give him that job??? He already had a nice car. I think they just had it painted.
The hiring in the city is supervised by the City Administrator and the Human Resources Director. Upon speaking to people at City Hall, the mayor was not on the search committee for the fire chief position. The search committee included the two mentioned already, along with the Police Chief. It was this committee that made the decision on the fire chief.

7. Lonely park bench.
Are you kidding? I see people ALL THE TIME sitting on that park bench.

8.  Blah blah blah elections, blah blah snide remark blah blah the mayor.
Other than the incessant need to post content from other sites, this site offers little original content other than city bashing.  For those into that, line up but don’t believe everything you read. For the record – and read this carefully – you do not have to “like” a Facebook page to read it and comment on it. You can make your own bold statement against inaccuracies, false accusations, and hatred with just one “un”click. (Why do so many people “like” this nonsense anyway?!!)

On a side note, this attack against the fire chief began the day after our chief lost his father.  We extend our sympathy to Rick and Allen McCormick, their families, and friends for the loss of their father, grandfather, and friend on New Year’s day.  

NOTE: This is not a NEWS site but a personal site, so if your comments are deemed inappropriate or if we just don’t like them, they will be deleted. You have been thus informed.

*Not mentioning names because that show, it’s stars, and the network are not getting free publicity here as each and every one of them are laughing and/or indignant all the way to the bank!

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