Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!

Hello La Vergne!

I trust you all have had a wonderful holiday, have enjoyed family, or just simply been a grinch, whichever floats your boat.  🙂 I’ve been wondering, reflecting mostly on this past year.  Things I’ve done, people I’ve met, Places that I’ve visited.

This last  year has been quite interesting for me. Between work and well more work, it’s surprising at all I’ve had time to do anything.  A few highlights of my year, celebrating New Years Downtown(doing that again this year,) Bowling tournaments out of town, visiting New Orleans, going camping(in a camper not a tent) and most importantly, spending time with those that mean the most to me.

This post has a lot of “I” and “Me” in it.  So enough about me, what about you La Vergne?  What has this last year been for you? What are you proud of? Who is the most important in your life? What does the next year look like for you?

Let’s here it?

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