What’s happening, La Vergne?

schoolHellooooooo, La Vergne!  How ya doing?  Are you getting used to getting up earlier with the kiddos or leaving a bit earlier because of the increased school traffic?  My daughter’s bus arrives two minutes earlier this year and it has really thrown our house for a loop.  You wouldn’t think two minutes would be a big deal but it is!

Speaking of back to school, I am so excited to attend our Back to School bash on September 1, 2013 at Veterans Memorial Park.  If you remember, due to weather, we had to postpone our fireworks show in July.  Our wonderful city thought a Labor Day weekend/Back to School bash would be so much fun, and I believe they were right!  As I haven’t seen a press release yet, I don’t have all the details but I want all of you to run to your calendars and pencil this in right away.  Go now, I will wait.  Okay, great, I can’t wait to see you there!!

Our Parks and Recreation department is hosting the annual Howl at the Moon 5K race on Friday, August 23rd.  If you get your registration in by tomorrow (the 20th) the entrance fee is $25, and it goes up to $30 on race day.  The entry form can be found on the city page here.  There will be 12 different age categories and three awards in each one.  You do not have to be a racing pro to enter this race, just tie on your best sneakers and come on down.  I believe the course starts in the park and racers will head towards city hall to the official turn around spot and head back to the park.  So, if you are not entering the race, find a spot on the route to cheer on these brave souls!

Last but certainly not least, our beautiful city is gearing up for the annual Old Timer’s Festival in September.  I have heard rumors that this one will be the best yet!  I can’t wait.  As part of the festival, a pageant will be held to crown a new Miss La Vergne.  Applications are still being accepted in all age divisions and the application and vital information can be found here.  The city is asking for donations of dresses in all sizes.  We have beautiful young ladies in this community who would love to participate in this special day who may not be able to afford a dress.  Let’s help them out.  Go check your closets and bring your donations to city hall.  The girls will appreciate it!

So, my fellow La Vergnians, La Vergnites…oh heck, neighbors, go mark your calendars with all the fun soon to happen.  I want to see your happy faces!!  Drop me a line and tell me what event you are most excited about.

2 comments for “What’s happening, La Vergne?

  1. Loraine
    August 19, 2013 at 1:00 pm

    I thought the 5k was THIS Friday, Aug. 23rd.

  2. David
    August 26, 2013 at 12:35 pm

    How about them water rates huh!

    Just got off the phone with the water department who informed me the flat rate for 2000 gallons went up another dollar for water and about two dollars for sewer. I don’t have the exact numbers handy, but you should see it on your bill.

    I remember just a short while ago (three years) I was getting by on 25-30 a month, and now I’m paying double for the same usage (just myself) and no, I don’t have a pool, hot tub, or water my lawn.

    I figure that might have been unsustainable, sure, I expected them to go up a bit, and really it didn’t bother me to be paying $40-45 a month. But that magical $50/mo mark really sets it in for me. I know a lot of you with family are paying far more than I am, and you should have a lot more reason to be just a bit pissed.

    By the way, water office said expect rates to go up every July through 2016.


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