Restaurant Week 2013: Bob’s Barbecue

My coworker and I had Bob’s Barbecue for lunch on Friday.   Bob’s is located on Waldron Road, across from the golden arches place.  They are open for lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday with a drive through for added convenience.  (They also have a location in Smyrna in case you are interested.)

I will begin by saying that the service in this place is so friendly.  Every time I have been there, I have been greeted with genuine smiles.  In addition to that, the restaurant is always neat and clean and the service is fast.  Both of these are reasons to pay them a visit, but more than that, the food is good.

bobs 1As we have a very narrow time period for lunch, we got our order to go.  I ordered a loaded BBQ baked potato, banana pudding and a drink.  I have never tried the potato so I thought it was a perfect choice to do a review on.  OMG, this thing was HUGE!!!!  It probably could have fed two people.  It comes loaded with butter, sour cream, cheese sauce and bacon.  To that, you can add pulled pork, which I did.  It came with a small container of mild (hot available by request) sauce.  The meat was a tad salty to me, more so than other times I have eaten here.  But, overall, it was very good.  The banana pudding was very creamy and tasted to me like it was made fresh that day.

My coworker ordered a BBQ bobs 2sandwich, side of beans, a GINORMOUS (her word) sweet tea and the banana pudding.  Their sandwiches come with mayo and coleslaw on them with pickles on the side.  They were pretty generous with her request for extra pickles.  She likes their beans which is high praise considering I think she makes the best beans ever!!  Bob’s was her choice of where to eat, so you know she really likes their food.  As usual, she had no complaints about her lunch!

In addition, Bob’s offers wings, BBQ nachos, family packs and other deliciousness.  With the drive through, it would be really easy for someone to pick up a family pack to take home for dinner.  Hmmm…I think I may do that this week.

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