Restaurant Week 2013: Mixed Grill Gyros

Mixed Grill 2Although this is “written” by Lola, it is really Ivy’s restaurant review. She was traveling home from a funeral in West Tennessee, so she recited as I typed.

Today I had the opportunity to eat at Mixed Grill Gyros for lunch. I eat there at least two to three times a month because they are consistently good. Fortunately today was another notch in the belt for keeping up the record of tasty food.

I ordered the #1 Gyro Combo with rice instead of fries. It is a gyro sandwich with beef and lamb mixed and I had it topped with white cheese, yellow cheese, and the incredible cucumber sauce.  I love their cucumber sauce SO MUCH.  The sandwich is melty and delicious so a fork is recommended.

My dining companion also got the #1 Gyro Combo, but he got fries and he loaded his sandwich down with everything that was available. He said his sandwich was really spicy and yummy, but I said his sandwich was pretty.

Not only was the food really good, but the service is very fast.  The workers are consistently polite and friendly. It cost us $17.00 and change, including the tip. The restaurant is located in the same shopping center as Little Caesar’s Pizza – across the street’ish from City Hall. You might have to crane your neck to find it, but it’s well worth a visit.

Mixed Grill 1

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