Restaurant Week 2013: China City

Hiya peeps, welcome to the second installment of Restaurant Week 2013.  I dined today at the new restaurant in the Kroger shopping center, China City.  I believe it has only been open for a couple of weeks, a fact that usually makes me leery about visiting (I like to give them time to work ALL the problems out before I visit.)  But, for you, dear favorite readers, I made the sacrifice!  Are you feeling the love here?

China City is not a sit down, buffet style restaurant like others.  It is a small place, I think I saw 5 tables, where you walk up to a counter.  You peruse the menu, pay for your order and then they begin cooking it.  I was very pleasantly surprised by that.  What a relief that our food hadn’t been sitting under a heat lamp for a couple of hours!Menu

This is just one of two menu boards they have.  I liked being able to see the pictures of what I wanted to order, as did my dining companion.  Drinks are cans or bottles out of a cooler (which were thankfully cold as it was uncomfortably warm in the restaurant.)

I ordered the Pineapple Chicken combo (not pictured on this menu) and an order of Crab Rangoons (pictured on this menu.)  My dish was hot (as I said, everything is cooked to order) and there was plenty of it. Lunch 1 I almost wish there was less fried rice.  There was the big pile in the picture plus more hiding under the entree.  The entree had chicken, pineapples, water chestnuts, bell pepper and carrots.  The vegetables were crisp tender, perfectly cooked.  It was all covered in the sweet and sour sauce and served with an egg roll.   It was delicious and there was more than enough there.  The rangoons were fabulous.  The “shell” was delicate and crisp.  The filling was one of the best I have tasted.  It was served with a small bowl of sweet and sour sauce.

My dining companion ordered the Sweet and Sour Chicken combo (with fried rice and egg roll as above.)  Lunch 2The bowl of sweet and sour sauce was a bit too big, but it was thick and tasty.  He enjoyed his selection but also noted that their was too much rice.  But in all fairness, rice is not his favorite dish.  His only complaint was the uncomfortable temperature of the place.  His suggestion would be to only get things to go.

Our meal with both combos, drinks and rangoons was just over $20, so I believe the prices are very reasonable.  I will definitely go back, probably to pick up dinner as it is conveniently located on my way home.   Stop by to see them if you are ever in need of a quick, yummy meal.

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