Restaurant Week 2013: WillStan’s Grille

Welcome to Restaurant Week 2013, LaVergne!  We have lined up some writers to go out and dine this week, take photos, and let us know their opinions about restaurants located right here in our fair city. While we don’t have the same selection as some of our neighboring towns, we do have good, quality food that allows us to dine locally every now and then.

Our first one to feature is an “oldie but goodie” – WillStan’s Grille. Yes we did a write-up on this casual dining facility in February, but felt with their new breakfast hours and breakfast menu, we’d take another look at this early morning option.  Breakfast is served from 7:00 – 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Prices are very reasonable – from to-go sandwiches that start at $1.49 to Steak and Eggs for $9.99. There is a good selection of items in between.

IMG_3985      IMG_3986

I visited during the first week they opened for business, so there were some kinks to work out, hiccups that all new restaurants get until they hit their stride.  But early in the morning, the coffee was both plentiful and good so this made for a positive first impression.

IMG_3993I ordered “Everybody’s Favorite” for $4.99 and asked for eggs over medium, toast, bacon, and hash browns. I also ordered a side of grits. Everything was fairly good except the hash browns which was seasoned too spicy for my taste. A friend tasted the other side of the serving and couldn’t taste any seasoning at all.  When we asked about it, we learned that there was supposed to be light seasoning, but it didn’t get mixed thoroughly enough. It was corrected the second time I went back two weeks later, so kudos to the manager and cook for hearing constructive criticism.

When the white part is runny, that just grosses me out.  That said I am happy to report the eggs had the perfect amount of yolk to dip toast in, but without any of the white part being runny.

Another friend IMG_3990ordered the “Trash Plate” which consists of bacon, sausage, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes mixed in with eggs, hash browns, and cheese. While my OCD would kick into overload over eating something unorganized like that, my friend said it was absolutely delicious. And I have to admit the melted cheese over the top did look pretty tasty.

I think the actual favorite of everyone at breakfast that morning was not the one named “Everybody’s Favorite,” but rather the “Two by Four” plate.  It consists of four pieces of french toast, an order of bacon, an order of sausage, and two eggs (I saw it and immediately regretted my order).  Everything on the plate was spectacular – perfect even!


Confucius Say: Anyone who eats onions for breakfast has onion breath all day. Nevertheless, compliments were given to the southwestern omelet eaten that morning.

Another friend had ordered the Two by Four, but replaced the sausage with biscuits and gravy and absolutely RAVED about the gravy.  Now gravy can be a hard food to make for picky gravy eaters like my friend. There was another restaurant in LaVergne’s recent past that tried to serve breakfast, but the gravy was always too salty and people stopped going (plus the toast was made with cheap bread and you could taste the cheap).  WillStan’s is in no danger of this happening… the food was great both because it was obviously of good quality, but also the cook has some obvious culinary skills.

If you’re looking for comfort breakfast food, WillStans is a great choice. They are flexible enough to cook your meal to your specific taste.  The prices are very affordable.  The servers are courteous and happy servers.  The seating is comfortable and the dining room pleasant. All this together makes WillStan’s Grille a top choice as a LaVergne breakfast destination.

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