When Does It Become Irresponsible Journalism?

This post is a collectively written post by Ivy, Theresa, and Lola D. 

We have called the DNJ to task before. Not that it does any good, because they continue to suck on a daily basis. Even so, once again we find ourselves shaking our heads at the completely irresponsible journalism put forth by them. I don’t suppose y’all happen to remember that time a couple of years ago when the city of La Vergne, finding itself completely broke, had to make the hard decision to raise taxes thanks to the poor, sad, previous administration who were awesome at mismanagement and liked to spend like drunken sailors*.

My dog won't even use the DNJ to pee on. Seriously.

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At that time, the Daily No News Journal was appalled at that decision and felt compelled to write NINE articles on that decision, including a scathing editorial that basically said, “You suck, La Vergne!” As we all know, raising taxes is the herpes of politics in Tennessee. Unfortunately, it has to be done sometimes, like our friends-in-arms, Smyrna and Rutherford County are now having to do. But, where is your outrage, DNJ??

They have written two articles on Smyrna’s decision to raise taxes, both of which were buried very quickly by much more important news like the shocking revelation that there are people graduating from high school in May and garden parties. That’s some hard hitting news right there. And the bikini bash coverage was Pulitzer material, Woodward and Bernstein live again!

Rutherford County deciding to let the taxpayers pay for their employees’ health care rated one article which is miraculously still on the front page at the time of this writing.

Gee, DNJ, do we detect a note of hypocrisy here? Just in case you don’t understand, let me type this slowly. It is very unfair that you would freak out when La Vergne raises taxes but not when anyone else does. But, I think we know why. See, La Vergne is the weird kid in school that everyone likes to pick on. It’s someone who, if you took the time to get to know him, his quirkiness and goofy ways might grow on you. But, it’s so much easier to pick on the weird kid.

Plus, it sells papers.

It helps that Smyrna had their planning retreat in Gatlinburg and didn’t mention the tax increase at their workshop. So, in Smyrna’s case, they don’t have 400 angry citizens with pitchforks and facebook to start a bunch of drama about it. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. However, at what point does one’s journalistic integrity kick in and give the same coverage to these tax increases that La Vergne got?

We call that irresponsible journalism.

*As if having political herpes from raising taxes wasn’t damaging enough for the Mayor of La Vergne, the DNJ decided to make a big hairy deal of the Mayor calling out another elected official who decided to make statements about the city employees who give more to this town than one could conceivably imagine. I think someone just adores that cute little ol’ mayor. V for Vendetta, yes/yes?

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