We Need Good Homes

A very sweet, compassionate person I know who lives in this city was recently displaced from her home of 18 years.  She was able to find a new place to live, but it doesn’t allow pets.  She has three dogs she would desperately like to find new homes for rather than taking them to P.A.W.S. where their future would be uncertain at best, euthanized at worst.  She has already contacted all the local no-kill shelters and they are all full or will not return her call.

Can you help?  Would you be interested in adopting one of these?  They are labrador/rottweiler mix. Here are the dogs and more information about them

LT (aka Little Too), Male, 3 years
This sweet dog had a rough start in life. As a puppy, he was diagnosed with Parvovirus and his human Mom spent a LOT of money to make him all better. Miraculously he survived and is now a very loving, sweet boy. He is used to living indoors (he is fully house trained, but you might need to give him some time to retrain as he’s been living outdoors with the other dogs for about a month now.). He has been around a newborn and has a positive history with children.


LT (Little Too)

Hershey, Male, 4 years old.
Hershey is an outdoor dog who lives happily in a fenced area. He is a great guard dog with a bark much bigger than his bite. He is muscular and would be a great hunting companion if someone has the know-how and patience to train him.



Angel, Female, 4 years
Angel is from the same litter as Hershey. She is a very sweet dog and will cover you with kisses if you let her. She is not photogenic, but really is very beautiful in person. She has always been an outdoor dog with a good disposition. She and Hershey both have come indoors when the weather gets extremely cold and have not pee’d or pooped indoors (no accidents!). She will join in the barking chorus if other dogs start barking, but is not the “lead singer.”



All of these dogs have been great in warning when someone comes near the door, is in the yard, or there is unusual activity in the neighborhood. All dogs need to be spayed or neutered.  LT has had all his shots, but Angel and Hershey are due to get theirs.  Their Mom hasn’t been able to take them because of the move, her job, and taking care of an infant. She would be willing to pay for the shots if they are taken to Beasley Animal Clinic, which offers discounted rates for county residents.

Having them spayed or neutered may be difficult for her financially unless you are a Davidson County resident. They offer very low cost spay & neuter opportunities for low income individuals. (And hey! Why can’t Rutherford County do this!?)

If you are interested in adopting any of these sweet babies, please go to our Facebook page and comment. The owner will then send you a private message on Facebook on how you can get in touch and make arrangements to meet and/or pick up the doggie.

Thank you, LaVergne – especially you animal lovers willing to adopt one of these precious pooches!

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