Let the Children Play

kids playingI don’t know about you but I welcome this beautiful weather with open arms.  It was a fabulous weekend to get out and play!!!  I hope you were able to get out and enjoy it as much as possible.

With the nicer weather we will see more children out playing.  As we have the smartest readers on the planet, I know you all realize we need to be extra careful when driving through our kid filled neighborhoods.  Our kids could be riding their bikes, playing ball or running around playing tag (do kids still do that?)

One important thing to consider is the children who have special needs or physical considerations.  My daughter has Asperger Syndrome, a mild form of Autism.  Children with special needs, especially Autism, may not have a strong concept of personal safety.  My girl forgets the need to look both ways before crossing the street most of the time.  Parents are always very vigilant and protective of our children; parents of special children have to be more so.  But, for me, I also appreciate the watchful eyes of others.   So, please make sure you are obeying the speed limit, watching for kids running around and just being careful.

Another way we need to take care of our children is to protect them from being exploited.  Please make sure that any charitable organizations that are raising money, awareness or anything in your child’s name are legitimate and trustworthy.  Make sure the motives of the group and your own are in line with what is best for your child.  (I had to say this because of something I read recently, not something any of us would do.  Just needed to get that out there!!)

So, please watch the kids: yours, mine and others.  Drive safely.  Enjoy the sunshine!

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