Kudos to Board for Wise Decision

Bruce Richardson

Here is Mr. Richardson working hard as City Recorder during the November 2010 meeting when the new board members and mayor were sworn in.

During the past year, people have directed criticism at city officials because there was not a full-time city administrator.  But there was someone at the helm all along. Bruce Richardson, the assistant administrator / city recorder, had been appointed to serve in the interim capacity last year.

At the time that he was appointed interim city administrator, Mr. Richardson already had nearly 19 years of city experience working in LaVergne.  A couple of weeks ago we saw that he had become a certified municipal finance officer, something that the state wants all local governments to have at least one staff member certified in. This certification, along with his Bachelor’s degree in business administration degree and his work history with the city of LaVergne, make Mr. Richardson uniquely qualified for the position.

On Tuesday, the Board finally named the very capable and professional Mr. Richardson as the City Administrator.  The city provided this quote from Mr. Richardson on its web page,

“The city of La Vergne has been my work home for nearly 20 years,” said Richardson. “I have seen the city triple in size and with the large growth here, there have been more infrastructure needs, public safety needs, and zoning and codes requirements, as well as additional services, programs and activities the city offers to its diverse population. It has been my pleasure to be a part of La Vergne as it has evolved from a small town to a vibrant mid-size city and I look forward to helping it grow in the future.”

It is obvious that that Mr. Richardson cares deeply for our city.  Kudos to the Board for their unanimous vote in appointing him to this position.  Our thanks to Bruce Richardson for his stellar performance as interim during the past year and for his entire 20 years of service to the city of LaVergne!  And our sincere welcome and congratulations on his new “official” position!

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