City Wide Trash Service?

garbageAt the Board of Mayor and Aldermen workshop this past week, a special guest addressed our elected officials about the possibility of bringing in a city-wide trash service.  Right now we have probably a dozen (give or take) private companies that go around picking up your garbage. We’ve all seen the rough looking unmarked trucks with wood sides lumbering down the road.  Many seem to be very responsible in covering the loads, but others fly through streets with trash flying out the back.

Personally, we haul our trash to the convenience center every week or two at no cost except the price of gas.  But the city now has an option of issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP) inviting waste service companies to provide trash collection services (including recycling) to the entire city of LaVergne.  A couple of points to note:

  1. A garbage truck would come through your neighborhood one day a week (although recycling would be on another day) rather than six or twelve trucks a week from six or twelve companies. Which means trash bins would be out one day a week rather than scattered throughout different days for different companies.
  2. People constantly contact City Hall according to the Chamber of Commerce about when garbage pick-up day is.  It is the top question of people seeking to relocate here.

Make no mistake – this will cost residents.  He did not name a price because when you bid you don’t want competitors to know your price so they can undercut you.  But our estimates is that the price would be somewhere between $11 and $20 per month per household and it would likely be another line item on your water/sewer bill.  Mayor Senna Mosley said at the meeting, “If you are hearing this and live in LaVergne, we want to hear from you.  Please email us your opinion about whether you want this or not.”

If you would like to email your opinion, all email addresses for the city are initial of first name and full last name with after it.

Mayor Senna Mosley:  smosley (at) lavergnetn (dot) gov
Vice Mayor Chris Farmer: cfarmer
Alderman Tom Broeker:  tbroeker
Alderman Sherry Green:  sgreen
Alderman Dennis Waldron:  dwaldron

Word has it that some of our elected officials don’t check their emails so you can call those folks to let them know what you think.

PLEASE DO NOT turn this post into a discussion about the water and sewer rates.  They went up. You hate them. You want to complain. We get that. But there are other sites dedicated to that and this is not one of them.  Just let us know what you think about whether you want to see city-wide trash pick-up service and if you would be willing to pay a fee for it.

Let’s throw in a quick poll and hope PollDaddy doesn’t lose it!

Thank you LaVergne!

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