2013 LaVergne Loves! The Winners!

loveCompetition was very close in the 2013 LaVergne Loves contest!  But we do have winners, runners up, some third place winners, and others who definitely deserve consolation prizes.  Remember, this contest is all in fun and also know that to have been nominated by someone or several people who really do love you was quite the honor, too!

The categories that received the most votes were:

Favorite Sit Down Restaurant
Favorite Grocery
Favorite Elected Official
Favorite Elementary Teacher
Best Random LaVergnian
Favorite LaVergne Celebrity
Favorite Awesome and Win

We are very sad to report that there is one snafu that we are working with Polldaddy to fix. The polls on Favorite High School Teacher and Coolest Hair in Town have disappeared. Yes, we all voted for people in these categories, but for some bizarre reason they are not showing in our control panel anywhere. If we hear back from the poll company and can get results we will let you know.  If not, then we’ll just say all nominees were winners!

Presenting … drumroll … the winners!

Food and Drink

Favorite Sit-Down Restaurant
1st WillStans
2nd El Rodeo

Favorite Fast Food Restaurant
1st Sonic
2nd Subway

Fast Food Joint Most Likely to Get Your Order Right
1st Sonic
2nd Subway

Favorite Place to Have a Beer
1st Home
2nd Willstans

Favorite Grocery
1st Kroger
2nd Sav A Lot


Favorite Elected Official
1st Senna Mosley
2nd Tom Broeker

Favorite Police Officer
1st Scott Hudgens
2nd Mike Walker

Favorite Firefighter
1st Ricky McCormick
2nd John Rutledge

Favorite City Employee
1st Kathy Tyson
2nd Harley Taylor
3rd Donna Ruch (We are giving Ms. Ruch 3rd because she was one vote from a second place tie)

Favorite Volunteer
1st Laura Davidson
2nd Richard Long

Favorite LaVergne “Celebrity”
1st Ronnie Mosley
2nd Kathy Tyson
3rd Robin Phelps (We are showing our third place winner because of her very strong showing and because a little birdie told us yesterday was her birthday!)

Best Random LaVergnian
1st Laura Davidson
2nd Ronnie Mosley
3rd Nicole Farmer (The difference between 1st and 2nd was one vote and between 2nd and 3rd was four votes, so WTG all of you!)

Favorite Person to “Pick On”
1st Chris Farmer
2nd Anybody that has anything to do with traffic patterns

Favorite Elementary School Teacher
1st Ms. Jenae Mosley, LaVergne Primary
2nd Ms. Cindy Watson, LaVergne Primary

Favorite Middle School Teacher
1st Mrs. McMeen
2nd Ms. Christy Barnes


Best Auto Parts Store
1st Advance Auto
2nd Auto Zone

Best Car Repair Business
1st First Chance Tire
2nd Morris Automotive

Favorite Babysitter/Daycare
1st Meg’s Playhouse
2nd Juana Finn

Best Bank
1st Regions
2nd First Tennessee

Best Hairdresser
1st Amanda at Great Clips
2nd Antwainn Ridley at Ridley’s Barber Shop

Best Heat/Air
1st Hiller Heat & Air
2nd 24-Hour Heat & Air

Best Lawn Maintenance
1st City of LaVergne Parks & Rec employees
2nd The Girls Lawn Care

 Best Plumber
1st Steve Noe
2nd Wright’s Plumbing

Favorite Photographer
1st Cris Lane Photography
2nd Precious Prints Photography

General Things We Love

Favorite Church
1st Grace Community Church & WorshipCenter
2nd First United Methodist

Favorite Event
1st Old Timers Festival
2nd Parade of Lights & Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

Favorite Koolaid Flavor
1st Whatever Flavor the Mayor Passes Out
2nd  Black Cherry

Favorite LaVergne Sports Team
1st LHS Choraliers
2nd LHS Wolverines Football Team

Favorite Neighborhood
1st Lake Forest
2nd Morningside

Favorite Volunteer Organization
1st Box 100 Rehab
2nd LaVergne Rescue Squad

Best LaVergne Website
1st This is LaVergne
2nd Cris Lane Photography

Favorite Awesome & Win
1st Completion of the Widening of Waldron Road
2nd Senna Mosley


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