Coffee with Cream and a Side of Exploitation

Yesterday local residents suffered a terrible loss when a member of their family tragically died in a fire.  According to news reports, the fire department was dispatched around 6:30 in the morning.  The mobile home was heavily damaged, one person was injured, and another died, perhaps in one of the worst ways possible. Please allow us to express our sympathies to the family.

There were numerous fire and police personnel on the scene, as well as volunteers to provide rehab services (give gatorade, water, coffee, food, heat, etc. to the responders who were on the scene for nearly eight hours).

Meanwhile at TeeGees, a conversation took place.  Witnesses said Alderman Dennis Waldron and “company” came in a started talking trash about the tragedy.  These were some of the comments:

“I didn’t know the city had that many vehicles.”

“They had the damn road blocked for no reason.”

“I wish they learn how to run a emergency sitchation [sic] like a city is supposed to.”

Someone lost their life in this horrible fire and these customers decided to exploit the tragedy to talk about the Mayor, her husband, and the emergency workers who risk their lives every single day to keep us safe.  Is their hatred of the city so great that they can’t stop hurling insults long enough to show a little respect for the family and friends of the fire victim?

Speaking of hurling insults, many of us who live in this city have had it UP TO HERE with these same people tossing around the “N” word to their friends just loud enough for others to hear them.  It is not funny.  It is not sly.  What you show us is your absolute ignorance and – again – hatred of this city and its residents.  Their behavior and their words are despicable. 

The question is, what can we  do about it?   First, the restaurant needs our support.  We all need to start going there for breakfast and lunch and show that WE are LaVergne.  The more of us that are there, the less vocal they will be.  And if they continue to be vocal in such a hideous way, let’s lay it out on the table – who said what. Take pictures. Take notes.  Tell your families. Tell your neighbors.  They should be exposed for how they really feel about our community and our residents.  You don’t have to be on this side or that side to know that it is just plain wrong to exploit the death of someone precious in a deadly fire.  You don’t have to be on this side or that side to know that tossing out the “N” word in casual conversation is unacceptable. 

If you are of that “company,” please know that you have been put on notice.  We are watching.  We are listening.  WE are LaVergne and we are not going to take your belittling public comments about our city sitting down.


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