No More Resolutions

to-do-resolution-new-yearIt is February 5, 2013, do you know where your New Year’s resolutions are?  If they are like mine, they found their way quickly in the trash by the 5th of January.   Although mine weren’t written down formally, I had the usual resolutions to lose weight, save money, get a little more organized, blah blah blah.  Yeah right, who was I fooling?

Various statistics I found on the interwebs say 20-50% of resolution makers are resolution breakers by the end of January.  One theory may be that resolutions sound a bit negative: lose weight, quit smoking, and don’t spend money, etc.  Negative, negative, negative.  What if we flipped it around and tried something a little more positive?  I should have resolved to improve my health (I have already quit smoking, yeah me!)  Maybe a resolution to save money, a tiny bit each month would be a positive change.

With that in mind, where is the rule that says these changes can only be made on January 1st?  Why not any old Monday?  Can you pencil it on February 6th?  I have an opening next week…should I start then?  And the word “resolution” sounds so harsh and carries a major false hope connotation.  I resolve to find a new word (notice I didn’t say quit using the word, I ain’t no quitter!)  I think we could change it to “making promises.”  Promises to ourselves to become a better us.  Promises to our family to be around to nag them many more years.

I promise to, in the very near future, (I am thinking next week after I can get to the grocery store again) to find more vegetables I am willing to eat and prepare them in a healthy way.  I promise to make healthier eating choices all around.  I promise to put an extra $5 in my savings account each month (baby steps!)  I promise to spend more time doing things I love, writing, sewing, and crafty things with my kids.  I promise to take a walk.  At least once…a week.

What do you say smart and beautiful readers?  Are you in?  Who will do this with me?  Big or small, tell me your promises below.  Let’s cheer each other on!

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