2013 LaVergne Loves! The Voting Post!

loveHow it works:

You can vote once daily, in any category or all the categories, but not more than once in a 24 hour period.  In the “People” categories, we included all nominees for voting because there were so many single nominations that it would have been unfair for us to “pick” who was and was not included.   In other categories, there are up to five nominees, except a few that were cut out due no nominations at all.

Some categories had only one nominee each, so we would like to congratulate the following on their early wins:

  • Favorite Handyman: Steve Noe
  • Best Locksmith: Thomas Sherwood
  • Favorite Bus Driver: Dewayne Thrower (Okay, so that was a new category someone created. Next year we’ll open it to official nominations!)

Voting closes at midnight on February 13th, the winners will be revealed on February 14th, because this is La Vergne LOVES! and we LOVE all of you guys (even the people who don’t love us, truly).  All winners will receive bragging rights! And if anyone can find the money and time, they might a get a certificate to hang in their business or office or house.

Thanks for voting!

Food and drink:



General Things We Love

*We didn’t know if the LHS team was the same as the LaVergne football team, but since there is a football league in town we left both choices – along with the LHS Band!

*Again there were so many single nominations that it would have been unfair for us to “pick” the neighborhood that was and was not included.

Last But Not Least

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