A New Calm

kids fightingMy friend told me one very simple method to get the attention of your child… go to the bathroom.  With kids in the house, going to the bathroom without interruption is rare.  And that’s not even close to being the hardest part of raising kids. Aside from affording them, it’s the fighting, being stubborn about not doing homework, back-talk, yelling, screaming, and the list goes on.

If this describes YOUR house, a solution may be just two days away.  Parents can attend a free workshop on Saturday at LaVergne Middle School from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. called “Celebrate Calm.”  From the city web page,

Renowned speaker Kirk Martin is presenting “Celebrate Calm” at no charge for parents, who will hear ideas for creating more peaceful interaction with students and their children at home.  Martin combines humor and straightforward talk to capture the attention of participants.  He will be sharing strategies for homework, behavior, stress relieving, as well as communication techniques and brain based learning tips that will have a positive impact on the home environment of families.

What a great resource for families!

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