2013 La Vergne Loves! Nomination Post!

loveLast year we had a lot of fun with the first-ever La Vergne Loves contest.  Our pal Ivy started it because there’s a lot to love about La Vergne, plus we just didn’t really get our time in the spotlight with the Ruthies or the Best of Nashville.  With those votes, we are outnumbered population-wise by Smyrna, Murfreesboro, and of course Nashville.  Therefore La Vergne Loves asks our readers to pick the service providers, restaurants, neighborhoods, and other lovely things specific to and about La Vergne!

Here’s how it works
We have categories and we need nominees! Use the “Complain Here” link at the top of the page to send your nominees. Nominations will stop on January 25th. Everyone can vote beginning on January 26th.  We will put up to five* most nominated people/businesses for voting. Winners will be announced on Valentine’s Day.  NOTE: Comments made with nominees will not be counted, so please be sure to use the Complain Here link to send it to my email.

Here are the categories:

Food and drink:

Best Sit Down Restaurant

Best Fast Food Restaurant

Best Place To Have A Beer

Favorite Grocery Store

Fast Food Joint Most Likely To Get Your Order Right


Favorite Elected Official

Favorite City Employee

Favorite Police Officer

Favorite Firefighter

Favorite Volunteer

Favorite La Vergne “Celebrity”

Favorite Person to Pick On

Favorite Volunteer Organization

Favorite Neighborhood

Favorite Church

Favorite La Vergne Event


Best Car Repair Business

Best Handyman

Best Plumber

Best Roofing Company

Best Heat/Air

Best Lawn Maintenance

Best Locksmith

Best Photographer

Best Hairstylist

Best Bank

Best Auto Parts Store


Favorite Daycare/Babysitter

**Favorite Elementary School Teacher

Favorite Middle School Teacher

Favorite LHS Teacher

Favorite La Vergne Sports Team

Favorite Little League Team

And Finally…

Best Website

Best Random LaVergnian

Coolest Hair in Town

Best Koolaid Flavor

Favorite Awesome And Win (can be anything as long as it’s La Vergne related)

Alright, La Vergne! You’ve got some stuff to nominate, get to it! Keep in mind that your nominees MUST BE LaVERGNE RELATED. You cannot nominate IHOP in Smyrna as your favorite restaurant, no matter how much you love it. It’s not in La Vergne. You don’t have to nominate in every category for your nominations to be counted. You can nominate yourself. Your can nominate your neighbor.

*We only did the top three finalists in 2012, but we want there to be lots of choices this year!  Of course, if only three are nominated, then there will be only three choices.

**Last year we tried nominations for individual schools, but had very few teacher nominations. We were going to have just one overall “favorite teacher” category, but decided to first try it just for elementary, middle, and high school. If we again don’t get many nominations, voting will be for just one favorite teacher.

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