Stone Soup: We’ll Miss the Mayans

A week after anthropologists managed to scare the beejeezies out of everyone thinking the world was ending, here we all are. But don’t despair all you stock-pilers who have your treasures hidden in secret rooms and bunkers… the “Prophet Gabriel” supposedly told the Sword of God Brotherhood that the “dying time” will come in 2017. A host of other “prophets” believe it will be between 2021 and 2029, so there’s plenty more time to hunker down and plan for the worst.

OR. Or we can just live.

Speaking of living, how about the flip side … all those dying Christmas trees? The city can help you get rid of them. Just drop them off at the Public Works Building at the end of International Drive and they’ll do the rest for you!

What are your plans for New Year’s Eve?  Need something to do? One of our locals has started a fun facebook page called The Cruise Director Social Calendar where she promotes local band gigs.  But no matter what your plans are, don’t drink and drive.  The police are cracking down on drunk driving according to the new “Crash No More on I-24” program (police really should work harder on their program names).  We’d sure hate to see photos of our friends on the fabulous new phone application from the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Department.  On the other hand, it’s been very enlightening seeing photos of other people we know and the stupid things they’ve done (theft, dui). Bravo to Sheriff Arnold and his staff for being serious about transparency in government.

sheriff appSpeaking of transparency in government, budget time is right around the corner for LaVergne. Did you know that for the last two years, the city has held budget meetings in which the board has heard from every department – going over budgets line by line? The meetings are open and recorded, so as we learn the dates we’ll keep you posted.

Now let’s talk about resolutions. Do you have any New Year’s resolutions for 2013?  Here are some to think about:

  1. Consider a healthier lifestyle. Add at least one vegetable to your dinner meal and pass on the extra cookie.
  2. Go for a walk once a week. We have new sidewalks and a Greenway to walk on, along with a great walking path at Veterans Memorial Park.
  3. Think before you answer. Do the words you speak or write make you look smart? Stupid? Are you exaggerating to make your point? Are you considering all sides and all facts? Think before you answer. Think before you speak.
  4. Laugh often. Laugh at yourself, laugh at jokes (even if they’re bad), laugh with your children, laugh with your colleagues. Laughing will make your day brighter and it’s infectious.
  5. Consider volunteer work. Your help is needed for Box 100, the Rescue Unit, at the library, at schools, at animal shelters. And the city will be starting the big playground project this year for Lake Forest Park and they’ll need a lot of help with that!

What are your resolutions? And happy New Year, LaVergne!

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