LaVergne: Best of, Worst of 2012

Oh LaVergne. You’ve had some spectacular moments this year, but you’ve had some pretty dismal ones as well.  Here is our view of the best of LaVergne and the worst of LaVergne in 2012.


HS kids helpHigh School Students Rescue Boy
We have to give our most outstanding persons of the year credit to Cynthia and Humberto Ornelas for being incredibly Good Samaritans. They saw a little boy in distress – he was lost after slipping out of a daycare carpool van – and they brought him to safety. This after many other people passed him by, they stopped. Cynthia and Humberto are our biggest heroes this year and we thank them for noticing and taking action!

We’ll Have Seconds, Please
This was the second year for both the July 4th Celebration and the Christmas Parade, hosted by the city. We want to give high praise to the city (and Alderman Tom Broeker) for creating events that allow residents to celebrate these holidays in their own city.  We also want to thank the businesses and organizations that participate, making it all possible. Special kudos to B&B Family Fireworks for their free fireworks display at the end of the Christmas Parade and Tree Lighting Ceremony, as well as the LHS Choraliers and Band for their performances. Actually these students made us proud ALL YEAR long.

Snowflake Lights
For years, the old lights of tin soldiers, half a Santa, and candles have decorated Murfreesboro Road at Christmas. When the lights were purchased, they were used from Gatlinburg so were about 40 years old in all. Last year, there were no lights because they cost thousands of dollars to repair every year. This year the city took advantage of what they saved last year, what they would have paid this year to again repair the old lights, and what they’d pay next year to finally bring us brand new snowflake lights. Very nice, LaVergne.

Alderman Debate
The League of Women Voters remembered to come back to our city to host the non-biased, neutral debate. The debate itself was very eye-opening in that it appeared there were two very clear winners.  One won his reelection and the other alderman candidate who made such a spectacular showing during the debate did not win. The only part of the debate we really did NOT like was that the candidates had to make their final statements as part of their last answer. That was unfair to the people seeking office. In the future we would encourage the League of Women Voters to allow the candidates to answer their last question and then go around the table once more for their final closing statement.

Mobile Health Unit
Kudos the the Mobile Health Unit of the Middle Tennessee Medical Center for adding LaVergne to its rotation list. They stopped by the LaVergne Senior Center and provided health screening for everyone at no charge and then came back to LaVergne Middle School the next month offering free flu shots. Thanks to the city for inviting the health unit to LaVergne and thanks to them for accepting the invitation!

Places to Walk
Another huge “way to go” goes to the city for completing the sidewalk projects that had been “on the books” for up to 15 years. Paid for mostly by grant funding, it was inexcusable that the safety of our children sat lingering like a nasty illness for years and years. Thank you LaVergne for finally building the sidewalks on Fergus Road and Chaney Road. Keep them coming if you can!

Places to Drive
Chaney Road was a horrible street to drive on prior to the new pavement. While the timing wasn’t spectacular as the road was paved during the school year, we get that the process to re-do a road requires quite a lot of planning and inspections. We’re especially glad that the nasty intersection full of potholes and bumps at Old Nashville Highway and Chaney has been repaired. Kudos to the city for paving Fergus and Sanford Road, as well.

parade 2012Beautiful Baby Show
Hooray for LaVergne giving parents of children under five years old a place to be adorable! The baby show was a lot of fun and seemed to be the second best-attended event of Old Timers Festival – with the first one being the parade!  And that parade picture taken by the city. Amazing!

If you haven’t already signed up for the cost-effective CodeRED system, why not? It’s free for LaVergne residents and doesn’t cost a lot for the city to provide it. You can CLICK HERE to sign up today for the high-speed notification system alerting people about severe weather and other emergency events.

Brave Decision
Our thanks to city leaders, including Mayor Senna Mosley, Fire Chief James Gafford, Assistant Chief Robert Kimbrough, Emergency Services Manager Ricky McCormick for making the bold and brave decision to cancel individual fireworks in the middle of the terrible drought. Public feedback was 50:50 (half loved, half hated), but in the end it didn’t matter. What mattered was that you potentially saved life and property by your willingness to make that tough decision. Also our thanks to the Board for keeping their promise to allow fireworks during the weekend of Old Timers Festival so people who had already made their purchases could lawfully shoot fireworks.

Generosity of Community
Perhaps the biggest thanks goes to our actual community. The people who live here are among the most generous in the state. From providing food baskets to needy families (food fight), hosting a fabulous job fair (Grace Church), providing toys for children, walking with people who “carry the load”, honoring our veterans,  remember the events of September 11, 2011, volunteering to rescue people from wrecked vehicles, being there for our first-responders on long calls, and much much more … you are the BEST!


Don’t Mix Business With Presidential Politics
It was highly disappointing to see a local business post on their sign out front their hatred of President Obama the day after the election in November.  Like him or not, he is our president so for a business to publicly chastise those who voted for him does nothing more than keep those voters away from the store. And that really hurts our intent to keep our shopping dollars local.

Social Media at Its Worst
There were two particular social media pages this year that seemed to be at war with each other, both on Facebook. One page made numerous unfounded accusations and did little more than constantly stir the pot. Commenters and administrators seemed to simply flourish on negativity and they freely shared their opinions no matter if they were true or false. Another page focused on contradicting the accusations of the other page – the snopes of LaVergne if you will – but they did it in a way that used bad language and made personal attacks.  Both pages hurt their own credibility and, in fact, have probably caused harm to our city.

We’re Not Speaking to You Wal Mart
And it’s largely because you won’t speak to us.  Come on already.  It’s not like you even have any competition here. Time to get your head out of the sand and stop pandering to other cities that already have one (or four!) stores. Can’t you see from the parade picture that we have a LOT of people here that would shop with you? Get your butt to LaVergne already so we can finally spend our money in our own town.  And you, too, Dairy Queen.  We want you both.

Soccer Moms
My goodness we’ve witnessed a slew of poor sportsmanship this year.  When your team shirts have “The Bullies” splayed all over them and your children are playing ball in a city where we have tragically lost children specifically because of bullying, well that’s highly inappropriate and very offensive.  Then to top it off, there was another competition where parents who should know better very publicly attacked and denounced others for simply doing their jobs.  Disappointed parents should ask themselves before they speak:  “Would I say these things if my child won?” and “What am I teaching my child when I act like this?” Remember it is your response to winning and losing that makes you a winner or a loser. The apology you owe should be just as public as the smear campaign you launched.

Honorable Mention (Meh)

You’re Fired, I Quit!
Oh Donald Trump you have nothing on us.  The revolving door at city hall has continued.  Why is it so hard for people to do their jobs and do them 1) ethically, 2) morally, and 3) legally?  Hisses to the former city workers who can’t figure out that work is work and not a free ride on tax payer dollars. Applause to the city for continuing to hold employees accountable and expecting them to actually work.

Old Timers Festival
You could have been so much more. After a spectacular 2011 festival with dozens and dozens of crafters, sponsors, and food vendors, we were left with a fraction of what it was before. What happened? Did no one do follow-up phone calls or letters? How did we end up with only six food vendors – so few that they ran out of food? Although the parade and baby show were definitely high points, we hope the city takes a long, hard look at what happened to the rest of it and fix it for 2013.  Again, it could be so much more!

Library Building Turns 10
Congratulations to the LaVergne Public Library for celebrating its 10th year in the new building. It remains one of the most beautiful buildings in town and we thank staff for taking such good care of it! But why are the numbers down? People need to remember that there are tons of services (from computers to learning second language) offered at the library – all for free! Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!

What do you think, LaVergne? Do you have a best or worst of LaVergne suggestion?

13 comments for “LaVergne: Best of, Worst of 2012

  1. Jeff Anderson
    December 29, 2012 at 10:47 am

    We don’t want a Walmart in La Vergne. There is nothing worse for local businesses than Walmart!!!

  2. Jason
    January 2, 2013 at 1:51 pm

    I find it hard to beleive that this is the only thing that you can find to write about the Worst of 2012 I can think of a lot more then what you posted about Team names and how parents act.I for one think it is how things are done and ran with the organization.

  3. "Soccer Mom"
    January 2, 2013 at 2:31 pm

    Wow..the “Soccer Moms” made the worst of 2012. Was this a poll because I missed the memo!
    First and foremost we aren’t soccer moms we are baseball moms. AND DAMN PROUD OF IT! Secondly we are not bullies we are a group of down home families with talented kids who played their hearts out and won the World Series division in Chattanooga this past summer. It’s a shame that people of La Vergne want to dwell on a name and raise cain but never mind the sweat, tears, effort the kids, parents and coaches put in.
    Worst of 2012 should be the idiots that have moved into the town with their meth labs and drugs . Find something else to put on your worst of 2012 and stop “bullying” a bunch of kids who are EXTREMELY proud of their accomplishments because of their hard work and dedication.


  4. Holly H.
    January 2, 2013 at 5:22 pm

    Dear Baseball Mom,

    FIRST, I may be mistaken, but I believe “soccer mom” is a euphemism for parents who are kind of nuts when it comes to sports and their kids (think “cheerleader mom” who had murderous intentions against her daughter’s competition). So soccer mom, “baseball mom,” crazy, mean parent … it’s all kind of the same thing, isn’t it?

    SECONDLY, perhaps you didn’t get the memo because you AREN’T FROM LaVERGNE? Why aren’t the BULLIES playing in Smyrna or where you play your regular season in Murfreesboro? Because those cities won’t let you play because of the name, THE BULLIES?

    THIRDLY, perhaps if you watched the news rather than going online bullying people you’d see all the latest meth lab arrests have happened in Murfreesboro and not LaVergne.

    FOURTHLY, alarmed to see you don’t care about the children in LaVergne who have committed suicide in the past year thanks to bullying. And yet you tout how proud you are of your own children – “The Bullies”. Sad.

    • Angie h
      January 2, 2013 at 6:43 pm

      I was going to stay outbof this debate/talk but after reading the last comment felt I should clarify/comment.

      1). I agree that the soccer mom part referred to all parents that go overboard regarding their kids activities. Whether sports, band, drama etc., unfortunately there are parents out there like that and they should be on the worst list.

      2) I don’t agree with singling out one particular team and picking on them. Isn’t that a form of bullying also? My nephew plays for this team and while I have never agreed with the name “the bullies” I was proud of the parents/coaches or doing the honorable thing and changing the team name.

      3) Holly H. I don’t know where you are getting your info but they are from LaVergne. Several of the players have lived in this great city their entire life. So why would they travel to another town to practice when they can practice in their own backyard so to speak.

      4). To the writers of this blog…I usually agree with just about everything that is posted on this site. However I truly think you could have chosen a different worst for 2012. And instead of vaguely mentioning one team’s issue, maybe someone should look into the LBSA and find out why SO many people have moved their kids to other leagues to play ball? Oh and this organization is the ones who accepted money for The Bullies to practice on their fields. Wasn’t a big issue when there is $$ involved.

    • BIG NATE
      January 2, 2013 at 7:18 pm

      Lol @ LOLIfe D and Holly the Hater

      the ‘Bullies’ were the ‘RIVERCATS’ in the LBSA and the ‘Bullies’ during privately funded tournaments. No team has ever played in an LBSA game with the name ‘Bullies’ .. so how in the world could it be in the worst of 2012? Posting that is doing nothing but opening old wounds and stirring the pot. :-/

      But since the pot has already been stirred..Maybe you should ask the Parks and Rec board why they allowed two gentleman to coach with MULTIPLE arrests and/or convictions for assault, vandalism, DUI, public intoxication, cocaine possession, domestic assault..?

      Personally I think everyone is mad about the ‘bullies’ because they were mostly 8 years old and went 20-2 and won BOTH championships in a 10 year old league in Lavergne.

      It’s hard being on top… People always wanna bring you down 🙂

  5. Nikki Taylor
    January 2, 2013 at 6:37 pm

    Soccer Moms?

    Since it appears that we’re doing list(s) let me oblige you by following suit.

    1st You make a blanket statement to insult “Soccer Moms” and “Cheerleader Moms” and even have the audacity to liken us to have murderous intentions?! Seriously? Ma’am I haven’t met a parent in LaVergne or elsewhere that I want to murder over a game of baseball! I can promise you that you don’t mean that much to me.

    2nd. Perhaps I didn’t get the memo because it was done behind closed doors by some psycho, sore loser Moms who are still living in 2012 baseball season! If you spent as much time worrying about YOUR team, and YOUR kids as you do us and ours perhaps you could accomplish something as a team. Furthermore, you have NO idea where we are from so why do you make such asinine statements when your completely ignorant to the facts? If you have a problem with our team playing in LaVergne you need to take that up w/ the city of LaVergne and LBSA! Just so you don’t remain ignorant let me educate you…….We play in LaVergne, Brentwood, Gallatin, Smyrna, Murfreesboro, and Chattanooga! We go where the competition takes us. It’s called travel ball, so guess what we do……we travel!

    3rd. It’s pathetic that of all the things going in LaVergne you choose to “bully” a little league baseball team! Evidently, you don’t watch the news either be cause here you are…..ONLINE bullying (or trying to) someone who has a right to their opinion as you do yours!

    4th. To tell someone they don’t care about the children of LaVergne who has committed suicide because of bullying is just as ignorant as your statements! We nor our kids are the ones who bullied a child that caused them to commit suicide! What have you done for those kids to show you care so much? And YES we are proud of our children! And evidently they made an impression on you too, because they’re still on your mind!

    5th. As if it’s any of YOUR business or anyone else’s let me educate you some more, since that what I do……BULlIES is short for Bull Dogs! But evidently YOU and several others in LaVergne are content to wallow in your ignorance. So, think what you want, say what you want, you wear what you want but know this……..even though our coaches are so phenomenal they were willing to change our team name to appease the retards,, I was against it! Every time we darken lavergnes doorstep with a baseball and a bat, I WILL BE WEARING A BULLIES SHIRT! If you think my t-shirt makes me a bully please feel free to come up to me, like a woman and discuss it! I will be the one with the RED/BLK/WHT Bulliesmshort on!

    • BB
      January 2, 2013 at 8:03 pm

      I think what should have made the list is why SO many parents who live in LaVergne take their kids to play softball and baseball to Smyrna to play???? Maybe someone needs to look into that instead of talking about some little kids travel ball team. Or why this web page felt the need to gossip about this group of boys?

      • MichaelinLV
        January 7, 2013 at 4:59 pm

        BB, we play in Smyrna’s SBL because of their “start smart” program. It’s an easy way to start your kids in baseball. In fact there have been kids on our teams who come from Murfreesboro, Antioch, and even Hermitage. When I looked into Lavergne they have a “rookie” league, but it’s a full 2.5 month schedule.

        Now my kids’ friends are in SBL and I’m coaching there too. So there’s no reason to change just because it’s in another city.

  6. Jose
    January 2, 2013 at 6:50 pm

    FUNNY GOOGLED kids bullied/commits suicide in Lavergne,tn NOTHING COMES UP. Sounds to me like we have a writer/spouse that can’t cut in he real world reaching for something to hold on to. Going take a wild guess that you are a divorced parent that hates his/her life and wants to make everybody else’s as gloomy as theirs. Also likes to cyber bully Lil kids on the Internet and their baseball team… it’s sad your life sucks. Your going on nothing but what you see on the front of a shirt. We all are very SORRY you have NO LIFE. Good luck loser.

  7. Baseball MOM
    January 2, 2013 at 7:00 pm

    Thank you for your clarification as I was not confused and knew what you were talking about. I wanted to point out we are baseball moms and would appreciate it if you would get it right if you want to be technical about it.
    Secondly, I didn’t get the memo because I must have been busy getting my children to their practices as we take pride in our sports and other events we take part in. And to clear the air, I am from La Vergne and said to call this place home because of fingering pointing idiots like yourself
    Thirdly, I do watch the news religiously and it’s very sad to see innocent children being killed or enduring unnecessary pain. I see that you aren’t watching the local news because just in the last few weeks we have had 2 major drug busts in La Vergne so get your facts straight before you call someone else out.
    Fourthly, you must be incompetent because nowhere in my post did I indicate insensitivity to children. It saddens me to see/hear children taking their own lives over bullying. I can relate as my nephew took his own life a few years ago. So don’t sit there behind your computer screen and point fingers at people when you have no idea.
    I also want to make known, I am not a part of this team but a very supportive spectator who takes it personally when you attack a team that has faced obstacles and still came out on top. That’s what hard work and dedication does…maybe some should take their negative energy about this topic and focus it elsewhere.
    I bet I can find a million other “Worse of 2012” stories that could have made this list and been more entertaining. It’s a sad day when the “locals” are supposed to support the community but instead bashing them.

  8. Angie H
    January 2, 2013 at 7:52 pm

    How about some positive/happier thoughts now that we have all had our say. I’m sure we all could come up with our own list of the best and worst of 2012. I for one would like to give shout out to Mike Walker and the LPD. They have done a great job the last 12 months to clean up this town. Remember that big drug bust not that long ago?

  9. tony
    January 4, 2013 at 9:08 pm

    well all i care about is the BEST cause La Vergne is the best ,,the worse hummm lesson learned move on ,,

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