Man It’s Like a Ghost Town Here

It’s obvious that most online conversations have shifted from blogs and over to social networking sites (read: Facebook). That’s okay, but we still want to start the car and drive it around the block over here now and then.  Therefore, here are just a few observations and then we’ll open up the thread for discussion:

  1. I absolutely LOVE the snowflake lights the city has put up this year. They look so much better than the old Santa Claus lights and tin soldiers with half the bulbs out!
  2. The Christmas parade. Kudos to the numerous floats, the fabulous fire trucks, the LHS Band and EVERYONE who was a part of it! The Box 100 float was absolutely beautiful and we say BRAVO to that wonderful organization for a job well done!
  3. I don’t know Steve Morton, but I wish I did. Check out what he has done for Make A Wish.  Our whole town should be proud to call him one of our own!
  4. You know where Food Lion is?  If you drive on the street kind of behind it, you’ll see a house with so many Christmas lights and inflatable decorations (including a helicopter on the roof) that you can’t help but smile.

So LaVergne, what’s on your mind?  Anything else we can brag about?

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